267: How to Stop Procrastinating in the New Year // Monica Packer

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As we are gearing up to start a new year, maybe you, like me, are thinking about goals and projects and dreams that you'd really like to tackle in the coming year--things you've been putting off because of fear or busyness or overwhelm or a million other reasons. That dang procrastination can really get in the way of us achieving our goals, which is why I decided to pull one of my favorite episodes of 3 in 30 from the archives today to re-air just in time for the new year. 


In this conversation, I talk with one of my best friends, fellow podcaster Monica Packer, all about how to stop procrastinating. Monica is a mom of four children– soon to be five…she has a baby due any day!-- and she hosts the podcast About Progress, which is all about practical personal development and gentle goal-setting  for women. In today’s episode, she is going to talk to us all about procrastination--why we do it and what we can do to stop doing it. 



- 3 Takeaways to Stop Procrastinating -


  1. Focus on the starting, not the finishing. Don't let yourself get bogged down by picturing the finished task and how much work it's going to take to get there. Just ask yourself, "What is the very next step that I need to take?" and keep it very simple.


  1. Set realistic and doable limits around overwhelming tasks, either a time limit or a number limit for how long you expect yourself to work. This might look like, "I will work for 15 minutes on this, or I will read three pages of this document, and then I will take a breather." Giving yourself a floor for your task that will keep you stable and moving forward little by little. 


  1. Make it enjoyable. Pair a blah task with a little reward, not only to make it fun to complete the task in the moment, but also to trick your brain into deciding that it wasn't that hard so you'll face less mental resistance in the future when you come back to that task. 


>>>Are these tips about how to stop procrastinating helpful? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




-Get in touch with our Guest! -


Website: aboutprogress.com

Podcast: About Progress

Instagram: @aboutprogress



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