272: How to Fall Back in Love with Motherhood When It All Feels Hard // Tessa Brown


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For today’s episode, I pulled a beautiful interview from the archives with a friend of mine. Tessa Brown is an artist and a mother of three who strives to live each day with intention and love.


The idea for this episode came several years ago when she emailed me and shared a bit about her experience with motherhood. I’m including an excerpt from that email to introduce our episode topic and to give you a feel for the amazing woman that Tessa is. This is what she wrote:


Tessa is currently working on illustrating a children’s book, and she periodically shares her beautiful artwork, much of which centers around motherhood, on her Instagram page, Tessa Lee Art. She truly has a gift for finding the beauty in life, and I’m so excited for you to hear from her today.




3 Takeaways for when Motherhood is Hard


  1. Visualize the love you want to feel for your children. I love how Tessa explained that mediation and visualization doesn’t have to be this cheesy or abstract concept–it’s really about practicing the love you want to feel. You are giving yourself the opportunity to envision a moment and mentally practice your response, so when you are in a hard moment later, you are primed and ready to respond in a way that aligns with your deeper values.
  2. Savor it. Notice when a really wonderful moment is happening and use your five senses to take a mental snapshot of it. What does your child sound like in this moment? What do they look like? What do you feel inside your body? This helps you to give a beautiful moment more weight and allow it to absorb into you more fully. And it also helps you to tune out the difficulties of the moment to zero in on and savor the good.
  3. When your child is at their worst, do your best to respond with love instead of anger, panic, or fear. Turn towards them instead of away from them, slowing down your interaction by using a calm voice or a soft touch to change the momentum of your interaction. Our children need our love the most when it appears they deserve it the least, and this powerful shift can truly change the way you parent.


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