280: Know your Self, Honor your Needs, Love your People


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This is an important week because this coming Thursday, March 30th, is National 3 in 30 Day! I will be unveiling the brand new 3 in 30 website, cover art, podcast intro and music, and visual branding. Podcasts will be searchable using the three pillars of Self-Assured Motherhood: Know Your Self, Honor Your Needs, and Love Your People.



Over the last five and a half years, I’ve sought to help mothers become what I call “self-assured.” I’ve discovered that there were themes emerging throughout all of my interviews, and the topics that would help mothers become more self-assured revolved around three pillars: Know Your Self, Honor Your Needs, and Love Your People. Listen in as I share more about these pillars, and my journey hosting this podcast over years!




3 Takeaways from from Rachel on becoming more Self-Assured:


  1. Know Yourself: Do you know what you want, like, need, dream about, desire and value? Or has this gotten lost as you manage the needs of your entire family? Are you your own closest friend? Do you spend time with yourself, doing the things you like to do, exploring the things you like to think about?
  2. Honor Your Needs: Do you care for yourself as thoughtfully as you care for everyone else in your family? As I’ve heard therapist Julie Hanks say, you need to be in your own circle of care. That doesn’t mean that you prioritize your needs above everyone else in your family…but it does mean that you prioritize your needs as much as everyone else in your family. If you’ve spent the time to get to know yourself in the first pillar, you will have a better idea of what your unique needs even are so that you can honor them.
  3. Love Your People: After you’ve done the work of the first two pillars, I know this will be so much easier. The question to ask yourself as you consider this pillar of loving your people is: Am I bringing the best of myself to my relationships? Do I respect the mother, friend, and partner that I am?  


>>>Are these tips from Rachel on loving becoming more self-assured helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.





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