282: You Don’t Have to be Good at Something for It to be Worthwhile [Hidden Gem]


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This week, we are sharing an excerpt from Episode 174, Why to Try a Creative Hobby (Even if You Think You’ll Stink at It) with Lisa Funk. Lisa is the founder of HandLettered Design and mother of four. She has struggled with depression and anxiety and has discovered a variety of tools that have helped her reclaim her happiness and her mental health, namely through creativity and hand lettering. 

I love how this takeaway goes along with Alli Roper’s episode that aired on Monday about why to continue learning as a busy mom, and that your brain is not mush. I knew I wanted to air this takeaway from Lisa as more encouragement that creating and learning just for fun is so important. We want that for our kids, and this takeaway gives you permission to want that for yourself as well. And while Lisa focuses on creating with your hands, I believe you can apply it to reading, writing, listening to a podcast, or learning or creating in any way that brings you joy. I hope this excerpt gives you encouragement, permission, or even a laugh as she talks about her love and commitment to dance parties at home, not because she’s particularly good at dancing, but solely because dancing is FUN. 




1 Hidden Gem on Why to Try a Creative Hobby (Even if You Think You’ll Stink at it)

  1. Create for the process, not because you’re good at it. There is a stigma with creative hobbies that we should only do them if we’re immediately good at them or committed to work our butts off. We can choose to do things that we enjoy doing even if we aren’t the experts, ever.



To hear the rest of this episode, or for the original show notes, click here: https://3in30podcast.com/why-to-try-a-creative-hobby-lisa-funk/



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