286: Take a deep breath before you respond [Hidden Gem]


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For this week’s Hidden Gem, I wanted to re-air a takeaway from Episode 38 with Tony Overbay about how to maintain positive relationships with our teenagers. What I love about this interview is that his takeaways apply to parents with kids of all ages. It’s easy to talk about wanting to be a safe place for our kids, but how do we actually do that? Are we prepared for them to tell us things that are uncomfortable to hear? Tony shares things we can start when our kids are little that will help when they’re teenagers, OR things we can tweak and start doing now if your children are already into their teens. Tony Overbay is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and host of the Virtual Couch podcast. Tony works with a lot of teenagers in his private practice and it has given him the opportunity to, in turn, work with a lot of parents to help interactions with their kids become more productive and positive. 




1 Hidden Gem on Taking a Breath Before You Respond

  1. Invite open and honest communication, no matter what. 



To hear the rest of this episode, or for the original show notes, click here: 3in3opodcast.com/teenagers



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