288: Create More Time through Life-Stacking [Hidden Gem]


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For today’s hidden gem, I’m sharing a takeaway from Episode 225 with Candi Kidd where she shares tangible ways to create more time. Candi was the guest in our full episode on Monday, and she talked about the SPACE acronym for organizing physical spaces in our homes–and I knew I wanted to share even more of Candi’s brilliance, but this time about creating more space in our schedules. Because who doesn’t need help managing time and, in my biased opinion, who better to teach us than Candi?! You’ll hear in the clip how she aspires to have a full life rather than a busy life, and she definitely has a full and beautiful life. Since the time of this recording, Candi actually adopted a fourth child, a ten-year-old girl who has special needs, so she has needed to use her time better than ever to manage her many responsibilities and passions. I love and admire her, and I can’t wait for you to hear from her again.




1 Hidden Gem on Creating More Time

  1. Practice life stacking. Remember, life stacking is one activity that covers many areas of your life. For example: every Monday, Candi meets her friend to walk around a nearby pond. In that time she is getting physical activity, developing a friendship, training her dog, and spending time outside. This week, take some time to consider which of your important priorities you could stack together.


To hear the rest of this episode, or for the original show notes, click here.



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