290: Make Room for Delight [Hidden Gem]


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I’m so excited to announce that I am finally turning my Declutter Your Motherhood workshop into an online workshop that will be available for purchase soon. If you want to get on the email list to stay up-to-date on when the course will be released and get an exclusive discount code, text the word WAITLIST to 33777 or sign up right here



This week’s Hidden Gem is another tables-turned interview where Miranda Anderson from Live Free Creative interviewed me on HER show, Live Free Creative, which I later aired as Episode 179 on my show. (Are you still following me??) I hope this will be a quick mid-week nugget of wisdom for you, and if you want to hear the full episode, we will of course link that in the show notes. 


May is an exciting month for 3 in 30– we are getting ready to launch an online version of my “Declutter Your Motherhood,” and I am choosing episodes that support this concept of decluttering the “shoulds” in your motherhood to make room for joy and intention. This takeaway with Miranda is a perfect illustration of that, as we discuss what it looks like to declutter your motherhood of shoulds, and why this is such a beneficial practice for women. 




1 Hidden Gem on Delighting in Motherhood

  • Declutter your Motherhood of Shoulds. What can you get rid of in order to find more delight in motherhood? Sit down and write out all of the “shoulds” that are weighing on you, and ask yourself, “Where did this come from, and does it really fit me and spark joy for me?” If it doesn’t, let it go.


To hear the rest of this episode, or for the original show notes, click here.



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