291: When Motherhood Feels Heavy


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As a mom, sometimes it might feel like your mind is an overstuffed closet.

If you were able to peek in there, you’d see baskets full of expectations for yourself and shelves about to break from the weight of your mental load.

Shoved in the back corner–behind the boxes full of your kids’ extra curricular activities and your responsibilities at church, work, and home–there are probably some dusty dreams that you put aside years ago and have pretty much forgotten about.

And across everything in that closet, there’s a subtle layer of shame that has been collecting for years–for all the things that you’re not doing or that you think you’re not doing well enough.

If only you could hire a professional organizer to get in there and declutter your mind of all of those “shoulds” like they would a Pinterest-worthy closet!

Well, you can’t hire someone else to do this for youbut YOU can learn how to Declutter your Motherhood, using the same steps that you’d use to organize a physical space, like a closet. I will teach you how!

I want to share with you three new beliefs that I uncovered as I decluttered my motherhood of “shoulds” and accepted more of who I really am. These three truths have been an anchor for me in the years since, as I have made room for more joy in my motherhood by more fully embracing my gifts and dreams. 




  1. Being “primarily responsible for the nurture of my children” does not mean that I have to do all of the nurturing myself. I can facilitate nurturing opportunities for them and seek out other great mentors to nurture and love them too. 

  2. My gifts and desires are God-given. He made me how I am for a reason. I am  fulfilling the measure of my creation when I use those gifts. 

  3. God wants me to be happy and have joy in who I am, just as I would want  that for my children. It’s not selfish to bring the fullness of myself to my life. 


>>> What beliefs are you uncovering? Tell us in the comments below.




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