292: Make Room for More Joy [Audio Course SNEAK PEEK!]


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The Declutter Your Motherhood Audio Course is LIVE!  Sign up at 3in30podcast.com/declutter.



Typically, these episodes will consist of one takeaway from one of my favorite previous episodes of 3 in 30, but today I am going to do something extra special and give you a sneak peek of my brand new audio course, Declutter your Motherhood. I hope you heard the news that this course released on Monday! It will be for sale forever more, but if you purchase before Tuesday, May 16th, you’ll get a discounted price, as well as some exciting launch bonuses. You can go to 3in30podcast.com/declutter to learn more.


So what is an audio course? That simply means that ALL of the course material is consumable through a private podcast feed, so you don’t have to log in to any special membership sites or find time to sit at your computer to watch a bunch of videos. You can simply listen on-the-go, in the midst of your busy mom life. The full course includes 10 audio lessons, covering the three steps to decluttering your motherhood like you would a overstuffed closet:

Step 1: Inventory your Overwhelm

Step 2: Edit your Expectations

Step 3: Make Room for More Joy


In today’s Hidden Gem excerpt, you are going to hear me talk about the last step, which is the fun step, make room for more joy! This is an excerpt from one of the 10 audio lessons to just give you a feel for the tone and content of the course



To learn more and hear the rest of the course, sign up at 3in30podcast.com/declutter.




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