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This is actually our last Hidden Gem episode before we take a break from doing these for the summer, but I’ve really enjoyed this series, and I think we will bring it back in the fall if you enjoyed them too! Leave a Review for the show and let me know if you want me to continue airing these quick mid-week nuggets of wisdom. 


Before we head into summer break, I knew I wanted to air an incredibly important takeaway from Episode 187 about keeping your kids safe around water. This is actually the third year in a row that we have aired this episode, because this information is THAT important for parents, and a pediatrician who listens to the show asked us to air it every year in order to keep more kids safe. By way of background, in 2018, our guest Nicole Hughes went through the unthinkable heartache of losing a child to drowning. She has spent the years since honoring her son’s life by pouring herself into learning about water safety and improving education for parents and medical providers to keep more kids safe around water. For today’s hidden gem, you’ll learn a bit about Nicole’s story of loss and her plea to parents to understand how drowning actually happens depending on their age and region.  



1 Hidden Gem about Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Water

        **Understand how drowning actually happens. This means knowing the statistics for which situations are most dangerous for your child, depending on their age and even the region of the country where you are living.


To hear the rest of this episode, or for the original show notes, click here.



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