052: Three Ways I’ve Changed Because of 3 in 30 (and I Hope You’ve Changed Too!)

Hooray!!! It’s the 1st Birthday of 3 in 30!!

After a truly fantastic first year, I am feeling so reflective and grateful. THANK YOU for listening week after week, sharing the episodes with your friends, and adding to the discussion on Instagram and through emails! I have truly loved learning from you.

In this episode, I share three major shifts that have occurred inside of me since starting 3 in 30. As you listen, I hope that you will recognize that you’ve experienced similar shifts as well.

I also invite you to participate in a birthday celebration for 3 in 30 through the #my3in30 campaign. You can hear all the details in the last 15 minutes of the podcast, or check out the overview here: https://3in30podcast.com/my3in30/

I can’t wait to hear your takeaways over the next two weeks!!

Many thanks to our 3 in 30 Birthday sponsor, Bright Box, the easy affordable way to brighten someone’s day through happy mail! I love this company. Check them out!! https://brightboxes.shop/





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