103: “My 3 in 30”: The Happy Birthday Edition

This week marks the SECOND BIRTHDAY of 3 in 30! Sometimes I feel like I’ve known the amazing women in this community forever, but we’re only just getting started! To celebrate, I want to start off by having four women share their three takeaways from various topics:

Vanessa Nielsen is the mom to three little girls. She was born and raised in Mexico, and her husband was born in Ecuador. They are raising their girls in Phoenix, Arizona as bilingual English/Spanish speakers as a way to honor their roots. Vanessa is sharing her three takeaways for how to mother differently than everyone around you

  1. You don’t have to do it alone. Brainstorming ways to get help, support, and encouragement makes momming differently much less overwhelming and exhausting.
  2. Focus on the similarities, not the differences. It’s easy to feel isolated, but finding commonalities helps both friend and family relationships thrive.
  3. Focus on your why, and keep it close.

Vanessa’s Instagram: @solbookbox

Vanessa’s blog: bilingualbookworm.com

Kristen Goodman lives in Mesa Arizona with her husband and four daughters. Kristen understands how fun, busy, and EMOTIONAL life can be, so today she is sharing three takeaways for how to allow your children to feel their emotions:

  1. Acceptance: expect and accept the fact that your children are going to feel negative emotion
  2. Use the thought, “My kids can worry and I don’t have to.” Getting to a place of peace, trust and love helps so much more than being sad and worried with them.
  3. Non judgmental listening: listen to your kids without offering advice!

Kristen’s website: kristengoodmancoaching.com 

Kristen’s Instagram: @kristengoodmancoaching

Katie Rössler is a licensed professional counselor from the USA living in Munich, Germany with her husband and two young daughters. Katie is sharing three takeaways for using family meetings to build connection and trust: 

  1. Family meetings/couples check-ins are a great way for everyone to get on the same page
  2. Family meetings create space for communication: we all just want to be heard, but we’re so busy!
  3. Family meetings build trust through accountability and routine

Visit Katie’s website positive-connections.com to learn more and find great resources like a Family Meeting Success Blue Print

Katie’s Instagram: @katie.positive.connections

Joanne Jarrett lives in rural Montana with her husband and two teenage daughters. She is a family physician turned stay-at-home mom. Joanne’s takeaways are 3 tactics for raising honest kids:

  1. Teach your children to say something honest when they are making verbal amends for wrong doing
  2. Teach your children something honest and thoughtful to say when they are receiving a gift
  3. Model honesty by refraining from making empty threats

Find Joanne at: cozyclothesblog.com

Joanne’s podcast: Fancy Free

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I can’t wait to learn from all of you!

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