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This summer, I am airing a series of encore episodes from the archives of 3 in 30 that help us dive deep into my three pillars of Self-Assured Motherhood. Today’s episode highlights the pillar, “Honor your Needs” and the guest is my favorite therapist I’ve ever worked with, Natalie Shay.  This vulnerable conversation gives a look into both of our personal histories with disordered eating.


Natalie is a registered psychotherapist who has also been trained in somatic work, mindfulness, and life coaching. She has specialized in working with binge eaters and emotional eaters for over 15 years and has supported thousands of people to heal their relationship with food and their bodies. Working with Natalie has truly impacted my life for the better, and I will put her information in the show notes so you can contact her if you recognize that you want to work on your own relationship with your body. She is accepting new clients right now, and she offers a free consult that you can book through her website to see if you’re a good fit to work together longer-term.


Whether or not you struggle with body image or disordered eating, I know today’s episode will give you new ideas and a fresh perspective on how to better honor your needs on a day-to-day basis.



3 Takeaways on How to Heal Your Relationship with Food:


  1. Prioritize self-care.  Tap into your body and soul and ask, “What do you need?” A clue to what your soul needs might be how you feel before, during, and after an activity, so make sure you pause long enough to evaluate that.
  2. Start connecting with your physical body. Many of us spend the majority of time in our heads, and we may not even realize it. When we find ourselves outside of our bodies, we can bring ourselves back by jumping up and down, squeezing a pillow, running or walking, taking a hot bath or shower, breathing in essential oils, etc.
  3. Remember that food is not your enemy.  Acknowledge the ways that food has supported you in times when you really needed it. Experiment with other coping skills that you might want to add to your emotional toolbox over time, without eliminating food altogether, so you have a nice variety in there.

>>>Are these tips helpful? Have you had to work on healing your own relationship with food? Tell us in the comments below.




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Mentioned in the Episode

  • The Self-Assured Motherhood or SAM program which will be open for enrollment this fall, so text SAM to 33777 for more information. 
  • Natalie’s FREE Emotional Eating Toolkit


  • Self-Assured Motherhood Program: If you are interested in being notified when my Self-Assured Motherhood (SAM) program opens for enrollment in the fall, text the word SAM to 33777. 
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