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When I was a teenager, I would talk to my parents about everything, probably more than they wanted to know a lot of the time. That probably doesn’t surprise you based on how freely I spill my guts on this podcast, but I know that most teenagers are not this way. What are your children like? Are they eager to talk or are they more hesitant?


A commonly requested topic for the show is parenting teens, and Brooke Romney is honestly one of the very first people who comes to my mind when I think about this topic. Brooke has solid advice for parents on how to maintain connection during this phase of life that can sometimes be a little tricky. She is a mom of four boys, ages 20 to 11, a professional writer and speaker, and an all around inspiring human being. For today’s encore episode, she’s going to be teaching us how to talk with our teenagers instead of at them. 



3 Takeaways on How to Talk to Teenagers from Brooke Romney:


  1. Lecture less and listen more. Compliment them, get excited about the things they are excited about, and validate what they are going through.

  2. Elevate your conversation. Instead of asking, “How was your day?”, get comfortable with tackling real-world issues that feel relevant and important to them.

  3. Hold the judgment (of them and others). When you show grace with the faults of others, your kids realize you’ll show grace with their faults as well

>>>Are these tips from Brooke helpful? Have you had to work on talking to your teenagers? Tell us in the comments below.




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