304: Motherhood is hard. This helps.


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If you’ve been following the podcast for a while, you may know about the journal that I developed several years ago called Flecks of Gold. This three-year journal helps mothers to notice, savor, and record the sometimes fleeting golden moments they experience with their children and teens each day. It’s a life-changing gratitude practice that thousands of mothers all over the world have participated in, and I get emails every week from moms who are so grateful for this journal and want to know when we will have more back in stock so they can gift them to friends and family. They’ve been out of stock the past few months because last year my team and I made the hard decision to convert the Flecks of Gold Journal into a seasonal offering, only available for sale around the holidays, so we’d have more bandwidth to pursue other aspects of our business during the early months of the year. 

Well, the journals are not back in stock yet, but I do want to announce the next best thing: You can pre-order Flecks of Gold Journals right now, so you’re sure to get as many copies as you’d like when we place our big order for the holidays. Believe it or not, we have to place that order soon in order for them to be manufactured and get here in time, and so this pre-order sale will help us to get an idea of how many journals to order. 

We are calling this our Christmas in July Sale, and you’ll get the best possible price on the journal right now through the end of July.  Reserve your copy and a few to gift to friends by going to 3in30podcast.com/flecksofgold. You’ll also see the brand new color we are releasing this holiday season, and we are so excited about it! 

The episode starts with a personal story from my life, something that I wrote for a motherhood website back in 2015, and I’m so glad I captured the memory when it was fresh because I think every mother can relate to it. So enjoy this encore episode, all about the power of moments within motherhood.



3 Takeaways on Finding Help when Motherhood is Hard:


  1. Use your five senses to absorb a perfect moment. When a beautiful moment with your kids is happening, notice it. Drink it in. Put your phone away and tap into all five senses to really make it last.

  2. Write down at least one perfect moment each day in order to relive it. And as you’re writing, don’t forget to include those sensory details to make the memory come alive.

  3. Share those perfect moments with the people you love most. Make it a habit to regularly share your moments with your partner as you get into bed at night or with your kids as you gather around the dinner table. This habit will build the relationships and unity within your family.

>>>Are these tips on finding joy helpful?  Would you add any?  Tell us in the comments below.




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