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Depending on where you live in the country and world, it might be back-to-school season for you right now. My kids still have another month of summer break, and I think we are all grateful for a bit more time, but I will admit that I am starting to get the itch of wanting to get our lives more organized again and back into a more predictable routine. Going back-to-school always feels like such a needed reset after a fun summer, and in today’s encore episode, one of my dear friends Mika Perry is going to help us with some ideas for how to organize ourselves and our homes in a way that will help us to honor our needs heading into a new school year. 

Honor Your Needs is one of my three pillars of Self-Assured Motherhood, and this can be a sensitive subject for moms because taking care of our families is all-consuming at times. We know we need to take care of ourselves first, but it takes a lot of troubleshooting, flexibility, and boundaries. My friends, I just want you to know you are worth it, and honoring your needs and creating routines is going to be unique to your situation and season of life, which is why I knew I wanted to re-air this episode with Mika about creating back-to-school routines. Mika is a former professional organizer who has a creative eye and gentle approach when it comes to organization that is personalized to you and your unique needs and personality.



3 Takeaways from Mika Perry on Creating Back-to-School Routines:


  1. Create calm mornings with a solid night routine. I love Mika’s tip to envision and write out the morning that you want to have with your family, and then work backwards. What would you need to do the night before in order to have the peaceful morning that you visualize? Make a list and try it for a few days. This reminds me of what a former guest, Crystal Paine, said about her evening routine. She said she thinks of it as “serving her tomorrow self.” 

  2.  Implement simple solutions for all the paper that comes home from school, and remember that it’s okay to throw some of it away. What to keep and what to toss is such a personal decision, but a few questions to ask yourself when deciding might be: does this show a milestone? Does it have a handprint or photo? Does it spark joy when I see it or make me laugh? And I love Mika’s tip to start an Inbox where you can put all of the paper throughout the week and then just sort through it once a week to make your decisions.

  3. Create zones in your home to help eliminate decision fatigue and create predictability. Some ideas include a homework station, a drop station with backpacks, shoes and coats, or a coffee or smoothie station. This is also personal and will change depending on your needs, your space, and the age of your kids.

>>>Are these tips from Mika on routines helpful? What routines do you have in place that are helping your family?  Tell us in the comments below.




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