307: I’m back!! Three Things that Saved My Life this Summer.


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Hello, my friends! I’m back today with my first new episode in about two months, and it feels so great to be behind the mic again talking with you.

As you may know, I did a series of encores this summer and reaired some of my all-time favorite episodes of 3 in 30 that go along with my three pillars for Self-Assured Motherhood: know your self, honor your needs, and love your people. I hope you enjoyed those throw backs and discovered at least one that you hadn’t heard before that came at just the right time for you. It was so fun for me to revisit these gems from previous years, and I know I learned a lot from re-listening to them, so I hope you did too.

When I decided to air some encore episodes this summer, it was with the intention to take a bit of a “break” from work. I wanted to open up some space in my life so I could focus more fully on my kids during their summer break and also work with them to create some more systems and routines in our home, and that sounded amazing, but unfortunately, life often has other plans for us when we make our own plans, and the summer didn’t end up looking quite how I pictured. So in today’s episode, I’m going to tell you more about my crazy summer, as well as three things that helped me get through my crazy summer, so this is going to be a different kind of episode of 3 in 30 — more casual and chatty and from the heart–but as always, organized in lists of three, and hopefully you’ll be able to take something away that will bless you in your unique life and motherhood experience.  


3 Takeaways of Things That Saved My Life this Summer:


  1. Know yourself and accept yourself as you plan your mom-life. Plan for the mom that you actually are instead of the mom that you think you should be. Pay attention to the areas of motherhood that bring you stress and anxiety and accept those instead of fighting them.

  2. Ask for help. Think about family and friends that might be able to help you with our kids or other responsibilities and get creative about how you could utilize those resources, even if your family and friends don’t live close to you. 

  3. Recognize that your time is limited and valuable, and sometimes it is worth it to just pay someone to help you with some of the daily tasks of motherhood. This doesn’t have to be expensive, and I recommend teenagers in your neighborhood as a great resource. Get creative and ask around. It is often absolutely worth it to buy back your time with your money.

>>>Are these tips from Rachel helpful? What things saved your life this summer?  Tell us in the comments below.




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