308: It’s a Sallybration!


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In my episode on Monday, I shared about some of the highs and lows of my summer, and I mentioned there that the highest high of my summer was hosting a Sallybration with my dad and my sisters in honor of my mom. 


My mom’s name was Sally, and she passed away 20 years ago this summer from breast cancer, and to celebrate her and mark this milestone, we invited friends and family who knew and loved her  to gather with us at my childhood home, where my dad still lives, to share an evening of good food and special memories. 


We put out a bunch of tables in the backyard with colorful roses as centerpieces (my mom loved roses), and after a delicious catered dinner, my dad and my two sisters and I took turns speaking and sharing some thoughts and memories of my mom with that special group that was gathered in her honor. We then invited others to share, and it was just a perfect night. The weather was beautiful, and being surrounded by people who knew and loved my mom, and who still love her after all this time, was just such a gift. I’ll never forget it, and as a special bonus episode of the podcast today, I want to share with you a recording of my thoughts from that evening, all about the ways that my amazing mother impacted my life. When I get to introduce her to other people by telling stories about her, it just feels like her legacy is continuing to grow, and that means everything to me. So thank you for listening.



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