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When I started this podcast, I had no idea I was starting a business. I thought I was starting a fun hobby project, and that didn’t feel too intimidating to me, so I went for it. But as the podcast listenership grew, and I had more ideas for how I could expand our offerings and influence, I suddenly realized, “Oh, I think I am running a business now. And I don’t know anything about business.”  That’s when I started looking for a business coach. But I didn’t want it to be a corporate dude teaching me to grow my business by working 70 hours a week…I wanted it to be a mom, who understood what it takes to grow a business as a mom, and who was modeling the kind of work-life balance I wanted to aspire to.

That’s how I found Crystalee Beck, cofounder of the Mama Ladder. After leaving the corporate ladder world, Crystalee “created her own ladder” in 2016, determined to be there for her kids while using her professional talents. She started Comma Copywriters which has recently been named on the Fast 50 and Utah 100 as one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah. It’s also been recognized by the Utah Governor’s office as one of 100 Companies Championing Women. Her team of copywriters works with clients including Facebook, Autodesk, BambooHR and many more world-class brands. 

Crystalee has maintained a part-time working schedule as a CEO because of her commitment to quality time with her four kids. As part of her mission to help mothers make more money while still being there for their families, she co-hosts an annual grant for mom-entrepreneurs called the High Five Grant. This unique grant will be open for applications starting TOMORROW, September 1, 2023, which is why we are airing this bonus episode today to make sure that you know about this opportunity if you are a mom-entrepreneur. The grant will be open for applications through  September 30 this year, and they will be giving away close to $25,000 to various mom business owners, so if you fall into that category, be sure to check out the show notes to apply!


Crystalee has been on the podcast once before sharing some of her tips for work-life balance, and in today’s episode, we dive deep into how to apply the strategies used by successful businesses to our homes and our busy lives as mothers. Whether or not you are a business owner, I know you will love the insights in this episode.


3 Takeaways from Crystalee on How to Run Your Home like a Well-Run Business:

  1. Plan daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly milestones. Think through what you wish was happening in your home, and put it on the calendar so it will actually happen. This might be date nights with the kids, special celebrations to honor milestones and build your family culture, and annual trips with your partner or even by yourself. Lots of businesses have end-of-month checklists and processes, and you can do that for yourself in your management of your home, family, and relationships as well. 
  2. Batch tasks and minimize brain space so you can be more efficient. Look at your life through the lens of batching. Where could you start doing more of the same task at the same time, so you can stay focused and get it all done at once? Then you don’t have to metaphorically “land the plane” by switching tasks and then spend all that effort simply getting the plane back into the air again before you can continue flying. You could batch doing your laundry, your birthday cards, or your holiday shopping. You could meal plan for an entire month at a time, instead of having to do it every week or even every day. Get creative and see if you can find tasks to batch together to create more brain space for yourself later on.
  3. Consider trouble spots in your home life through the lens of: Do, Delegate, or Delete. What do I need to do myself, what do I need or want to delegate, and what do I need or want to delete? Think outside the box, and recruit your family to help you. You may have to consciously teach and train your kids on how to follow a new system, such as Crystalee’s laundry system, but it will be so worth it.

>>>Are these tips on how to run your home helpful? Do you have any other strategies to share?  Tell us in the comments below.




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