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My Self-Assured Motherhood Program registration is only open until September 21st.  This is a once-a-year opportunity.  If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, lost, unmoored, or burned out in motherhood, this course is FOR YOU.  To sign up, just go to 3in30podcast.com/SAM  (Self-Assured Motherhood).  If you’d like a little sneak-peek of the program, sign up for one of my FREE Masterclasses on How to Be a Less Angry Mom at 3in30podcast.com/freeclass.



I love Amazon Reviews. I pretty much won’t purchase something unless it has lots of 5-star reviews. (Are you the same way?) I just trust my fellow consumers a lot more than the companies that are trying to sell to me.

That’s why I am airing this special bonus episode today with some real-life reviews from women who have gone through my Self-Assured Motherhood or SAM program, as we like to call it. 

I hope you already know that the SAM program is open for enrollment right now, but only for a few more days, and then it will be closed for an entire year. That’s why I feel the urgency to get the word out to all of the moms in the 3 in 30 community so you don’t miss the chance to sign up if this is something that you really need right now.

SAM is for women who feel overwhelmed and burned out in their motherhood–BUT ALSO feel very committed to their families and to becoming the mothers that they want to be. This program is for you if you love gathering parenting strategies, tricks, and scripts from podcasts, Instagram, and books–but you don’t always know how to apply what you’re learning to your actual life. If you feel like you do a lot of learning and not a lot of applying, you need the SAM program.

The program is nine months long, and each month we dive into one principle of Self-Assured Motherhood and explore it fully. We have weekly classes and meaningful and fun homework assignments, and you will find yourself a much better, happier, more fulfilled version of yourself at the end of the nine months. If you don’t believe me, I want you to listen to the experiences of these SAM Alumni that I am sharing on the podcast today. Consider it like reading Amazon Reviews! 

In these little mini-interviews you will hear them share about one principle of the program that was particularly impactful for them and how they applied it to their life, and I hope that as you listen to their experiences, you will see yourself in their successes and believe that similar changes are possible for you too. It’s sometimes tempting to hear other people’s wins and think, “Well, that’s amazing, but I could never do that” or “I bet she has a lot more support and friends and financial freedom than I do, and that’s why this program worked for her” or similar types of thoughts. But try not to listen to that voice! I have lead almost 200 women with a wide variety of circumstances through this life-changing curriculum over the past two years, and I have been astonished by their growth. I truly believe that this is possible for you too. Without a doubt. So if SAM is calling to you, I hope with all my heart that you will trust yourself and take the leap and join us. You can reach out to me anytime with questions at hello@3in30podcast.com, or if you need some encouragement and advice on whether or not the program is a good fit for you.

Takeaways from SAM Alumni:

  1. Know what you value and recognize others’ values are different.  I love that Melanie could rattle off her top five core values. Not only has she identified them, but she remembers what they are and utilizes them in her everyday life to make decisions and to see her family through a more compassionate lens
  2. Nurture yourself the same way you nurture your children.  Ever since I spoke with Lexie, I’ve been dreaming up a cozy bedtime routine for myself.  Mine will include fuzzy blankets and reading and journaling time for sure, and this is the kind of soul-care that we prioritize without spending tons of money on things like spa treatments or vacations. We want to have pockets of deep soul-care incorporated into our everyday life, not just when we are burned out and at our wit’s end.
  3. Incorporate things you’ve always loved into your motherhood. You might have to modify how those activities look, or have a little flexibility in the structure, but weave them in none-the-less.  Grand baking plans might be simplified to pre-made mixes as little fingers want to help. I’m grateful for Meredith’s ideas for how this kind of soul-care, based on our values and strengths, can come along with us as we enter new seasons of motherhood.
  4. Identify your strengths and use them.  I loved hearing Libby say, “I am really good at it,” loud and proud. Look carefully at the strengths you have and identify ways you can make meaningful contributions using those.  I fully believe that all of you listening are very good at many things that you may be undervaluing in yourself right now.


>>>Aren’t these SAM Alumni inspiring? Do you need more help becoming a Self-Assured Mother?  You CAN do it.  I believe in you, and this program is built around supporting you.  I’d love to have you join.


Mentioned in the Episode

  • Free class: If you’d like a sneak-peek of the SAM Program, sign up for one of my FREE Masterclasses on How to be a Less Angry Mom.  This class has stand-alone value, so come even if you aren’t interested in the program.  Sing up at  3in30podcast.com/freeclass.
  • Sign up for the Self-Assured Motherhood Program TODAY at 3in30podcast.com/SAM



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