330: How to Delight in Your Difficult Child


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I’m bringing you this quick bonus episode on a Thursday because we need to celebrate a big milestone for 3 in 30. This is our 330th episode! And that feels like it should be acknowledged! 330 episodes of 3 in 30, which means over 165 hours of wisdom brought to us by world-class guests and parenting experts, helping us be happier, more intentional, more self-assured mothers. Can you believe it? I’m just so grateful for this work that I get to do, and I didn’t want to just blow past this milestone without pausing to honor it. The last six years of airing weekly episodes have brought so much joy and learning to my life, and one of my favorite things that has come out of my work with the podcast is the Flecks of Gold Journal for mothers, which I released three years ago in 2020. I hope you’ve heard about this journal before–I hope you’ve actually purchased and started using one–but in case this is the first you’re hearing about it, this is a journal where you can write down one beautiful moment that you experience with your kids each day, and it helps you to see the good in your life in even the hardest seasons


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