335: Let’s not Overcomplicate 2024


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My Declutter your Motherhood Audio Course is discounted right now through Thursday, January 18th! I am passionate about helping overwhelmed mothers to simplify their mom-life so they have room for more joy, and this course is designed for busy moms, with all of the lessons delivered on a private podcast feed so you can listen on-the-go, around the house, or even just during 15 minutes of precious alone time while you get ready for the day in the morning. 

The course also includes a 25-page workbook to prompt deeper thinking and reflection, so you can actually apply what you’ve learned after you listen. AND you’ll receive a Buy One Give One Buddy Pass when you purchase the course, so you can gift it to a friend or invite them to do it with you! This course will help you to do the work of essentialism that Greg McKeown talks about. Go to 3in30podcast.com/declutter to learn more. 


I’m coming to you with a quick bonus episode today to wrap up our series we’ve had the past few weeks featuring the work of two times New York Times Best-Selling Author, Greg McKeown! 

 A few days ago, I was thrilled to air an interview with Greg all about his second book Effortless and how we can lighten the mental and emotional load of parenthood by changing the way we think about it all. And I hope you caught my episode on January 1st about my biggest takeaways from his first book, Essentialism

In Greg’s words: “When you simply can’t try any harder, it’s time to find a different path.” And in both of his books, he teaches us how to focus on the essentials of our lives and work to make them as effortless to execute as possible. 

I didn’t want to end this series without sharing what is perhaps my favorite story from Greg’s books because I felt so personally called out by it (in a good way!). I have thought about it often in the years since I read it, and so I wanted to read it to you today as well. 

Listen in to hear about King Gustav II and his warship the Vasa.



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