347: When Making Dinner Feels Like Drudgery // Rachel on Didn’t I Just Feed You Podcast

Making dinner for my family is…not my favorite. If you’ve been listening to the podcast for very long, you’ve probably heard me talk about this. It is a constant work in progress for me to figure out how to get dinner on the table, and one of the resources that has been helping me a lot in the last year is the podcast Didn’t I Just Feed You. The hosts, Stacie and Meghan, are both professional chefs and moms, and they are dedicated to helping busy home-cooks, like you and me, feed our families with a sense of more community, ease, and joy. 

Stacie and Meghan were guests on 3 in 30 back in episode 329, and you may remember their fantastic episode all about Family Food Traditions. Well after that conversation, those ladies invited me on their podcast to talk about my journey with feeding my family and how I am learning to declutter the guilt and stress that I feel around this task. I had so much fun being a guest on their podcast, and they graciously agreed to let me air the audio of that conversation on 3 in 30.





3 Takeaways from Rachel on Decluttering the Difficulties Around Making Dinner:


    1. Inventory: Brainstorm your beliefs around how a “good mom” feeds her family. Sit down and make a big list or journal entry so you can visually see all of the “shoulds” that are weighing you down. Then ask yourself, where did those beliefs about family feeding come from? This step is like taking everything out of a closet so you can inventory and get rid of stuff before you organize it.
    2. Edit: Decide if you actually want to keep each expectation for yourself. Now that you can see all the “shoulds” that are weighing you down around feeding your family, go through them one-by-one. Does that belief about feeding your family spark joy for you and fit you and your unique personality? Does it bless your family? If yes, you can keep it. If no, you can remove it or modify it. This step might involve conversations with your partner and others, as well as creative brainstorming for different options and solution
    3. Make Room for More Joy: Add in more joyful food traditions that do fit you! Once you have gotten rid of the “shoulds” that don’t fit you and your family with regard to feeding, you’ll have room for fun! Start a fast food or takeout tradition that your family looks forward to! Eat dessert before dinner one night of the week! LIght candles or play fun music during family meals! Use some of the time that you used to spend cooking homemade meals 7 days a week to play a game as a family. It doesn’t matter what this step looks like for you, but letting go of heavy “shoulds” always leads to more authentic joy!


>>>Are these tips from Rachel helpful? What did you learn about decluttering your “shoulds” around making dinner? Tell us in the comments below.



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