348: Letting Go of the Stress of Meal Planning // Stacie & Meghan from Didn’t I Just Feed You Podcast

Meal planning can be so stressful! That’s why I’m so excited to bring you this bonus episode with my friends from the podcast Didn’t I Just Feed You. The hosts, Stacie and Meghan, are both moms with culinary degrees and cookbook writing experience, but they are dedicated to helping normal parents, who don’t love cooking like they do, to get dinner on the table with more ease and joy. 

I hope you caught my main episode on Monday. I shared the audio recording of my guest appearance on their podcast. They interviewed me about my three takeaways for how overwhelmed moms can declutter our mom-guilt, stress, and “shoulds” around feeding our families. Today’s bonus episode is the second half of that conversation. Stacie and Meghan have a really cool format in their shows. They often spend the second half of their episodes unpacking together what they just learned from their guest. So the guest comes on for the interview, then the guest leaves, and Stacie and Meghan discuss how they can use what they learned in their real lives. It was fun for me to get to listen in as these two awesome ladies applied my three takeaways to their experience with meal planning for their families. So if meal planning is a challenge for you, like it is for me, I know you are going to relate to this lively conversation between two mom-friends who get it.




3 Takeaways from Rachel that Stacie & Meghan Apply to Meal Planning:


    1. Inventory your unrealistic expectations around meal planning. What do you believe you should do in order to make meal planning worthwhile? Can you start to challenge some of those “shoulds”? A few that Stacie and Meghan mentioned were: I should plan for a whole week of meals at a time; I should meal plan the entire meal including sides; I should create a different meal plan every week instead of frequently repeating dishes; I should use a fancy or pretty meal planning tool or white board or visible system, instead of just using a note in my phone. None of these “shoulds” are true! Meal planning doesn’t have to look any one way, and that’s why it’s important to verbalize some of the stories you are telling yourself so you can challenge them if you want to.
    2. Edit the expectations around meal planning that don’t fit you. Give yourself permission to do things differently than your mother did, or your best friend does, or the gurus on Instagram do. This is why Stacie and Meghan titled their audio course “Meal Planning for Everyone” because it can be for everyone because everyone can do it their own way.
    3. Enjoy the meal planning process by allowing yourself to think outside the box. The more we can make room for joy in our daily care tasks as parents, the more likely we are to actually keep up with those care tasks. So write Fast Food Wednesday on your meal plan! Plan a dinner that you love to eat even if you know your kids will probably only eat the rice on the side. And, I loved Stacie’s point that just having the discipline to meal plan, as hard as that might be in the moment, will, in fact, allow for more joy around feeding your family–because there is nothing that kills joy quite like staring into an empty fridge at 6 pm, knowing that your minions are starving and you’ve got nothing to feed them. 


>>>Are these tips from Stacie & Meghan helpful? What did you learn about meal planning? How do you meal plan? Tell us in the comments below.



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