352: What’s Going On with 3 in 30 Behind-the-Scenes?


A 3 in 30 Update!

I have received feedback from listeners that they’d love more insight into the background of 3 in 30: what’s going on behind-the-scenes of the business, what it’s like being a working mom, how my family’s doing…  all of the ins and outs. And I love sharing! I’m grateful that some of you care. So today, I thought I’d give a little 3 in 30 update. If this is something you enjoy hearing about, let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to do it more often. 

Now, of course, being me, I had to organize this blog post in threes. So, first I’m going to give you three 3 in 30 business updates, and then I’ll share three personal stories. 


3 in 30 Update #1: 

Our first big news is that last month, I hired a new marketing director! This is so exciting for us! You may have heard me advertise for that on the podcast. We had over 60 applicants! My amazing director of operations, Christy, interviewed 25 of them, and then we narrowed it down further and further until we finally chose Emily Siegel. We are so thrilled to have her. She’s amazing

Emily brings so much to the team. She hosts her own podcast called Connected Mom Life. (I’m not sure how much Emily will be updating it now that she’s working for me, but she has a catalog of over 100 episodes, so you can definitely go back into our archives and get to know her better.) Emily also has corporate marketing experience. She is already an incredible asset to the team, and it’s been a joy to work with her. These last few weeks, she has jumped right in. She has helped me write emails and create Instagram reels. We’ve hit the ground running. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Emily to the team.  

My biggest goal for this year is to grow the reach of 3 in 30 to new audiences. The show has a thriving community of listeners around the world (thanks to each of you!), but we haven’t seen significant growth for the past few years. 

We want more moms to be blessed by this podcast, the courses I offer, and the Flecks of Gold journal! So, Emily and I are trying to be really strategic about reaching new people. 

This really is such a big 3 in 30 update! I’ve never had an employee entirely dedicated to marketing and growth in my business. I’m very excited to see how this new step we’ve taken help can grow the reach of the show. 

I also wanted to add that I would love your help with this goal! If you have a mom group that you’re a part of, either virtually or in person, please share 3 in 30 with them! I would love to reach more moms in more places in more diverse communities. 

I’m passionate about moms feeling supported and like themselves in motherhood! So, if you would like, help me spread the word. I’m so grateful you’ve chosen to be a part of this community! 


3 in 30 Update #2: 

My second 3 in 30 update is that I am preparing to host my first in-person event since 2019! I’m so excited about this! 

I used to teach the Declutter Your Motherhood workshop live in person. I taught it close to ten times from 2017 to the end of 2019, and I was scheduled to teach it two more times in March 2020. Obviously, that got canceled due to the lovely coronavirus pandemic, and I haven’t gotten back into it since the pandemic. 

I don’t know if you’re aware, but planning in-person events is a tremendous amount of work! However, it’s worth it because the connection and the energy there are unmatched. Plus, I know that women really need a place to gather and feel supported and connected to other women. 

My next in-person event is at the end of April. It’s for my Self-Assured-Motherhood program alumni, so any woman who has gone through that program is invited to attend. 

We’re going to have a great time! It will be hosted at my family home, where I grew up in Denver, Colorado. My dad still lives there, and we’re gathering with about 35 women. We will have an incredible day of learning, connection, and growth. I’m really looking forward to it! 

This 3 in 30 update is exciting for me because I’m feeling thrilled to get back into hosting in-person opportunities for women to connect. Depending on how this goes, it might become an annual event!

If you’re interested in something like this, get on the wait list for my Self-Assured-Motherhood program! It’s my nine-month-long signature program. You will love it! Each month, we go into a different principle of self-assured motherhood. We dive deep, and I’m there live teaching you. It is truly life-changing and incredible. Gathering together in person at the end is a perfect capston. 

This year, our keynote speaker is going to be Eli Harwood. She was a guest on the podcast in February. You may remember her episodes about connection within marriage. She’s a family therapist who specializes in secure attachment and creating healthy attachments in romantic and parenting relationships. She is absolutely incredible. Her Instagram account is @attachmentnerd. I highly recommend following along and learning from her. 

On a fun side note, Eli and I actually went to high school together! She’s a couple of years older than I am, but we reconnected on Instagram. She still lives in Denver, where I grew up, so I reached out to her to see if she could come speak at my event and she agreed! I can’t wait. 


3 in 30 Update #3: 

Finally, exciting 3 in 30 update number three! We started working with a new manufacturer for the Flecks of Gold journals, and they are going to be so, so good!  We picked out some new colors for covers, and we’re even going to introduce a new fabric that we’ve never had before. 

We’ve always manufactured the journals in linen, and it’s beautiful. We’ll continue carrying linen, but we’re also going to introduce polyurethane, which is kind of like vegan leather. It’s really soft, and I think it will be easier to clean. It’s wipeable! I can’t think of a more important attribute for something owned by a mom! Especially because this is a three-year journal, so it takes a lot of wear and tear. We tried to pick colors that are durable, beautiful, and versatile. We’re also getting a coated linen this time, so it, too, will be a little bit more mess-resistant. Basically, we’re upgrading everything about the journal (and the journal was already incredible!). 

I’m thrilled about these changes we’re making. 

The reason we decided to change manufacturers is we’ve had a lot of bumps in the road with our previous manufacturers. We’ve actually used two different manufacturers over the last three years and the product always turned out beautiful, but the process of working with them was really difficult. I am really thrilled with this new manufacturer that I found. It’s called Book Printers of Utah. They’ve had such clear communication, and they are so dedicated to quality. It’s been a night-and-day better experience. These new journals are going to blow all of our minds!

Along with the new manufacturer, we’re also going to be using a new fulfillment center this year. I don’t know if you know, but last year, my communications manager, Molly, actually shipped all of the journals from her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma! She and her four little kids and her husband packed and shipped 2000 journals over the holiday season! They did an incredible job, but that’s also a lot of stress on one little family. 

To save Molly’s family the strain, we found a new fulfillment center that I’m excited about. 

So, essentially, this 3 in 30 update is that we’re leveling up everything with our Flecks of Gold journal!

You may have noticed that the Flecks of Gold journal is currently out of stock. I wasn’t expecting to sell 2000 journals during the holiday season last year (though I’m very excited we did!), but now I’m bummed that we don’t have journals in stock to continue selling to the moms who want them. So, we’ve placed the order with our new manufacturer, and they are going to be here hopefully in June of 2024. 

If you want to be on the waitlist for the new journals, you’ll be notified when they are in stock and receive an exclusive discount code. Click here to get on the waitlist! 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Flecks of Gold journal concept, let me fill you in. The idea is that in motherhood, there is a lot of hard stuff. We all know that! But if you can find tiny little flecks – little sparkles of joy – with your kids, then you start to train your brain to see more good in your life and in your children. Even if the moment is super fleeting, and even if it’s just one moment in a very hard day, it makes such a difference!  

It’s a beautiful journal practice that has personally changed my life and the lives of thousands of other women around the world. I am consistently blown away by the testimonials about this journal and its impact on mothers. 


Okay, along with these very exciting 3 in 30 updates, I wanted to share some personal updates with you as well.


Since I love my own Flecks of Gold journal so much, I decided to go through it from the past few months and pick three of my favorite moments. I have one moment with Ryan, my husband, one with Sally, my nine-year-old, and one with Noah, my twelve-year-old.  (Also, let me quickly insert that I do not write in this journal every day! Sometimes I even go weeks between entries! Don’t feel guilty if you’re not in a consistent habit. Just remind yourself that some memories recorded are better than no memories recorded!)


Rachel’s Flecks of Gold Moment #1:


January 20, 2024: 

Ryan made scones this morning and was blasting corny 80s and 90s love songs. We started serenading each other dramatically and dancing around the kitchen to You’re Still the One by Shania Twain and Always by Bon Jovi. The kids were amused. 


Rachel’s Flecks of Gold Moment #2: 


This is an extra-long entry. I don’t usually write this much, but since it happened on Leap Day, I knew I could fill the whole page with the memory rather than leaving some space for next year’s memories. 

February 29, 2024: 

I’ve been stressed with work stuff lately, and my kids know it because I often talk to them about the ups and downs. When Sally got home from school today, she said, “Mom, did you feel a little more peaceful and happy today?” Unsure where this was going, but not wanting to disappoint her, I said, “Now that you mentioned it, I think I did.” She grinned and said, That’s because we had a mindful awareness class today. When we were doing our deep breathing, the teacher said we could think of a heart wish and send it to anyone we wanted to. I thought of you, and I put my hands on my heart and said, “May you be peaceful, may you be happy.”  

That one melted my heart. I am so glad that my daughter goes to a school where they talk about mindful awareness and sending good vibes out into the world. I am so grateful that she thought about me. What a treasured moment that I hope to never forget! I’m so glad that it is captured in my Flecks of Gold journal. 


Rachel’s Flecks of Gold Moment #3:


March 16, 2024:

I was looking for a specific binder in our messy house and called out, “Whoever finds my binder gets a kiss!” Noah, from downstairs, shouted back, “Hey, yo! That seals the deal!”l and ran upstairs to help me.

Those three memories are precious to me. They’re snapshots that make up a beautiful life. Not every single moment in our home feels like this. Not every single moment is connective, fun, and playful. My kids aren’t always eager to help me. They’re not always affectionate and thinking about me and sending me good vibes.  But when I notice the moments that they are, and I write them down, it starts to write a family story that is more positive. It starts to help me see them in this light. It helps me see that I have kids who care about me, who care about my stress levels, who want to help me, and I have a husband who adores me, has fun with me, and wants to sing with me in the kitchen. 

That is the beauty of the Flecks of Gold journal.

Well, my friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed this 3 in 30 update! I enjoyed sharing. Thank you for being here in this community with me and for being a mom who intentionally seeks good. I love being here with you! 


As a reminder, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your life lately, I hope you will join me for the free masterclass I am teaching during the first week of April. It’s going to be packed with actionable takeaways. I’m going to be there live to teach on Zoom, and I can’t wait. 

Reserve your seat here! I can’t wait to see you there live!

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