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Are you stressed about how to entertain your kids this summer

The long, hot summer days can be, well, long (womp, womp). 

If you’re like me, you try really hard not to let your kids play with too many screens. But let’s be real—screens are such an easy way for us moms to get a break! 

While screens definitely have their place, I love any ideas I can get for ways to entertain my kids without them! And that’s why I’m so excited to share my interview with Andi Smiley about her secret for entertaining kids this summer. 

Andi is a mom of three little ones. She also hosts her own podcast, the Friendly Podcast Guide, which aims to help busy moms find the perfect podcasts for themselves and their children.

And what, might you ask, is Andi’s awesome secret of how to entertain your kids this summer? 


It’s podcasts for kids! 

I (obviously!) love podcasts, and if you’re a follower of my show, I’m guessing you do, too. But do your kids know how great they are? If you haven’t yet introduced your kids to the amazing world of podcasts, you are in for a treat. 


Andi taught me three awesome reasons why podcasts are the perfect way to entertain your kids this summer


1. Podcasts can be a secret weapon to entertain your kids this summer in the car.

If your kids are like most kids, the whining and fighting amplifies the moment they are cramped together in a car. 

And it can get loud! 

So, if you have some road trips planned this summer or are just running around to activities and camps, remember that turning on a podcast can magically distract kids from the whining, fighting, and “Are we there yet?”s.  

Andi suggests some fun podcasts for family road trips, such as Bobby Wonder, Disney’s Frozen Forces of Nature, and Eleanor Amplified. My own kids love the show WOW in the World, but I have to be honest, the voices on that one can get a little bit grating for me, so it’s one we listen to sparingly. 🙂 


2. Podcasts can help your kids work their imagination muscle through the long summer months.

Screen time gives your kids (and you!) a much-needed break each day to veg out and let a show or movie do the imagining for them, but we also want to sprinkle in some opportunities for them to do their own visualization. 

Podcasts can bridge truly independent play and fully plugged-in screen time. 

This summer, you might consider dedicating some time each day for your kids to listen to a podcast episode or two and then watch to see what kind of creative play, art, scene-building, and conversations result. 

And the best part is, you still get a break from being the main source of entertainment! 


Andi’s recommendations for summertime afternoons include Circle Round and Otter Space. My older kids also love Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest, Against the Odds, and even Wiser World Podcast (which is geared towards adults but awesome for tweens!). 


3. Podcasts can help with separation anxiety at bedtime (during the summer or all year long!).

If you have a child who struggles to let you leave the room at night, try a new podcast routine! 

You could lie together and listen to one episode and then let them listen to one of their own. Or, maybe they’ll happily listen to one without you. Podcasts can help distract them from your absence and can also help lull them off to sleep as they quietly visualize. 

There are fantastic bedtime story podcasts and kids’ meditation podcasts that aim to help children calm their bodies and drift off to sleep. Some of the podcasts Andi recommends for bedtime include Sleep Tight Science, Koala Moon, and Bedtime History

I also think Andi’s recommendation of a Story Button is a really cool solution if you don’t want your kids to have a wi-fi connected device in their rooms. 


The moral of the story is that podcasts rock. But then again, I’m a bit biased. 

No, but really, kidding aside, I’m so grateful we live in a time when our kids have so many incredible options. If you haven’t yet started utilizing kids’ podcasts as a parenting tool to make your life easier, I hope this episode will give you the inspiration you need. 

I wish you the very best as you set off to entertain your kids this summer! I’m rooting for you! 


>>>Are these ideas from Andi helpful? Do your kids listen to podcasts? Share below their favorites! 



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About Our Guest:

Andi Smiley is a mom of three littles, ages six and younger. Andi hosts the show The Friendly Podcast Guide, which aims to help busy moms find the perfect podcasts for themselves and their children. With more than one million podcasts available for us to listen to now, it can be overwhelming to find the one that fits your needs, so each week, Andi gives a 15-minute or less overview of a compelling podcast so you can decide if it’s right for you and your family. 


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