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Do you love the idea of family adventures but struggle with the actual execution? 

Before I had kids, I dreamed of adventuring with my future family.  I just knew we would be out in nature all the time, going on service trips around the world, or going on road trips to beautiful places, and having perfect moments under the stars, looking at campfires. 

I thought I would use my skills as a teacher to plan learning-based family adventures, like a journey to camp by the Mississippi River after we read Huckleberry Finn or a road trip to Washington, D.C., after we studied American History. 

Sounds great, right?

Cute, enthusiastic, naive Rachel. 😘

The truth is, on many days, I can barely read my kids’ bedtime stories because I’m so exhausted, let alone plan learning adventures camping by the Mississippi River.  

Daily life with children is an adventure in and of itself, and sometimes that’s all we can manage. But sometimes, we are in seasons where we can, and we have the bandwidth where want to get out into the world more together.

And that’s why I’m so excited about the interview I did with Chamaine Wollenzein. She’s the founder of a website and a movement called Wandering Families, and she has five children of her own, with whom she does all of this wandering. She is inspiring! 

Oh, and if you’re not a hiker or camper, don’t worry – this episode is still for you! Chamaine and I discuss how a family adventure is any type of shared experience that is out of the ordinary. You get to do you! 


3 Tips to Get Out on More Family Adventures 


1. Create opportunities to learn how to be adventurous.

Create opportunities for your kids to experience adventure. Let them take risks! Let them (safely) fall! Get yourself and your kids out the door and go explore. Adventuring is a learned skill, and you gain it by doing it. As you do this, your kids will learn how to get out and be adventurous, and you will begin sharing experiences that impact your family for good. 

I loved the quote Chamaine shared from the book How to Raise a Wild Child

The natural world seems to invite and facilitate parent-child connection and sensitive interactions. Unplugging and taking a baby away from electronic distractions creates an opportunity for what is called effective sharing. Oohing and aahing together over the sun, shining through the leaves of a big tree, feeling a soft spring rain or a light winter snowfall on your face.

It takes effort, but just like any other skill, it gets easier by doing.  


2. Create a family culture.

Decide what your family culture “is.” Are you a hiking family? A go-to plays family? A visit-other-cities family? Define your family’s culture and start creating experiences around it. Talk to your kids about your family culture and why you’re choosing the adventures that you’re choosing. And remember, adventures have so many different looks. Adventure simply means to share experiences together – meaningful, out-of-the-box experiences that bring you together as a family. So find what works for your family and make it happen! 


3. Create a season bucket list.

I loved this takeaway! Before every season, gather your family and write down the bucket list items for the upcoming season. Let everyone choose something to be on the list. I loved Chamaine’s example of her daughter choosing to try all of the crazy snow-cone flavors at their local snow-cone shack! When you get your kids involved in the plans, you create more buy-in. The ideas might be funny, but if you can make them happen, you create fun adventure and family unity. 


So what do you think? Are you feeling motivated to get out on some family adventures? Are your wheels spinning with ideas and excitement?




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>>>What did you think of these takeaways from Chamaine on family adventures? What tips do you have for getting out on adventures as a family? Share below! 





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Chamaine is the founder of a website and a movement called Wandering Families, and she has five children of her own, with whom she does all of this wandering. Follow her on Instagram to get tons of tips for adventuring with your family!


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