Auto Bio Poems

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**This creative writing exercise is a great way to figure out who you are and what sparks joy for you. Do it by yourself, with your spouse, or with your whole family!  Use the template below:


First name

3-4 adjectives that describe you

Lover of…(three things)

Who feels…(three things)

Who needs…(three things)

Who gives…(three things)

Who fears…(three things)

Who would like to see…(three things)

Resident of…



Aware, kind, scattered, honest

Lover of cozy bonfires, chunky chocolate brownies, and wild dance moves that bewilder her children

Who feels content with her head on Ryan’s shoulder, flustered when she can’t find her car keys (always), and fulfilled when she hears that her podcast made a difference to someone

Who needs snuggles from her kids, conversations with her kindreds, and think-time to work on her projects every day

Who gives CDs of spiritual songs to friends who are hurting, half-birthday cakes to her children, and phone calls to her adorable grandparents

Who fears loss of memories, loss of loved ones, and loss of integrity

Who would like to see a third baby in her arms, a glimpse of her children as the grown ups they will become, and every country of the world with Ryan as her travel buddy

Resident of a little house with a white porch swing