096: How to Organize Yourself and Your Home For the New School Year // Mika Perry

Close your eyes and envision your ideal morning with your children. Would you get up before them or wait for them to crawl into bed with you? What routines would you have in place to limit chaos and contention?

Now work backwards and envision, step-by-step, what you would need to do the night before in order to make your ideal morning a possibility.

If this seems like a far off dream, I get it. Mornings are some of the hardest times in our house (and I am too embarrassed to tell you how many tardies my son had last school year!). But today’s guest has given me hope that our home and our routines can be much more organized this year!

Mika Perry is a former professional organizer turned podcaster, lifestyle blogger, and organization expert. And yes this is thee Mika Perry, with whom I am hosting the Declutter Your Motherhood workshop in Gilbert, Arizona on September 21st!

Here are Mika’s 3 takeaways for how to organize yourself and your home for the new school year:

  1. Create calm mornings with a solid night routine.
  2. Implement simple solutions for all the paper – and you’re still a great mom if you throw it away.
  3. Create zones in your home to help eliminate decision fatigue and create predictability

Show Notes

Come meet me and Mika at our Declutter your Motherhood workshop! 3in30podcast.com/arizona


website: mikaperry.com

Instagram: @mikaperry

podcast: https://goodtobehomepodcast.com/

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