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Why I Love Befitting!

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How it Works

Befitting is an online retailer of premium  eyewear. They offer prescription and non-prescription glasses that suit every unique style and need.


As an every-day glasses wearer who depends on having a pair within reach at all times, it’s so nice for me to have multiple pairs of glasses, and Befitting makes it so easy to find and order glasses online. 


Use the code 3IN30OFFER for 20% off sitewide plus Free Shipping. Please note this offer excludes Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Please note this offer excludes Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Three Reasons I love Befitting

1) Accessibility -  I’m always looking for affordable and convenient places to get my glasses, especially because I live in a small town in Idaho where they aren’t many options. Being able to order my glasses online is a game changer. 


2) Style Help - If buying glasses online sounds intimidating or overwhelming, you can get personalized recommendations by uploading your photo and rating the personalized recommendations sent to you.


3) Kids Glasses - I especially love the variety of colors, styles, and materials for their children’s glasses. When I was a child, we really only had bland, wire-frame options, and so I love to see the variety-- it seems like such a fun way for children to express themselves, especially during this adjustment of wearing glasses.

Please note this offer excludes Ray-Ban and Oakley.