Why I Love BetterHelp!

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How it Works

To find your counselor and get started with BetterHelp, you go to their website and fill out a brief but thorough survey about your needs and preferences in a counselor, and they match you with someone within 24 hours.

You read over their bio and background, and if it feels like a good fit, you go ahead and schedule your first online appointment and be talking to someone within the week.

If at any time you decide that your counselor is not a perfect fit for you, you can request a change at no charge!


Three Reasons I love betterhelp

I believe BetterHelp is an outstanding option for busy moms who want some additional emotional and mental health support. Here is why I love BetterHelp:


1) It’s so convenient to do counseling appointments online. You can schedule appointments at a time and pace that works for you and your busy family, with no need to line up childcare or drive to and from appointments. You can also text with your counselor throughout the week if you need support or guidance.


2) BetterHelp makes it easy to get started with a counselor without overthinking it. They match you with a counselor based on your survey responses.


3) Betterhelp is an outstanding option for counseling is that it is more affordable than traditional face-to-face therapy, and financial aid is even available for those who qualify. Therapy is always an investment--and it is 100% worth it.