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It's the 3rd birthday of 3 in 30 podcast!

It has become a tradition to celebrate the birthday of 3 in 30 each year by inviting members of this community to share YOUR unique takeaway as part of a #my3in30 celebration!

I want YOU to be a part of it, as we recognize our wisdom and celebrate the wisdom of the women around us.

How to Participate

1) Come up with your own 3 Takeaways.

  • Think about your unique life experiences, parenting challenges, natural abilities, and personal passions. This brainstorm will help you narrow down a topic that you could teach about. (And if you don't think you have anything to share, I refuse to believe it. YOU have something valuable to share! See list of 20 ideas below.)


  • Once you have a topic, jot down 3 Takeaways that you could share with other women.


2) Share your 3 Takeaways on social media anytime between Monday, October 5th and Saturday, October 31st.

  • Take a photo of you holding up 3 fingers, and share your Takeaways in your caption and/or on your Stories.
  • Use the hashtag #my3in30, so others participating in the challenge can see your ideas!
  • Tag me @3in30podcast!
  • If your account is private, be sure to send me a screenshot of your post, otherwise I won't see it! I will respond to every single post I see...so if I don't respond, I haven't seen it. Tag me again!


  • Once I've acknowledged your post, consider yourself entered to win one of the giveaways I am hosting this month, including $150 for the 150th episode of the show!


3) Host "A Gathering of Takeaways."

  • To take it to the next level, invite a group of women to come together (in person or via Zoom) and each share 3 Takeaways on any topic relating to life, motherhood, or womanhood.
  • Personalize these gatherings any way that you would like to. You decide on the time of day, the location (a park or restaurant is great if you can't host in your home), the refreshments, etc.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are interested in possibly hosting A Gathering of Takeaways, check out the Party Pack that includes a sample text invite to send to your friends, a script for hosting the evening, and a beautiful notes sheet you can print off for your guests.
  • Be sure to share photos and videos with me on Instagram @3in30podcast or by email hello@3in30podcast.com!

If you'd like to hear a sample of a crowdsources #my3in30 episode, listen here and here.

How to identify your Takeaways

YOU have hard-won wisdom from the challenges you've overcome, the circumstances you've faced as a mom, the natural gifts you were born with, and the passions and hobbies that you participate in.

Here's a list of possible Takeaway Topics to get you started thinking!

  • 3 Reasons to Give Yourself Grace as a New Mom
  • Signs of Prenatal Depression and What to Do About It
  • Holiday Traditions that Don’t Involve Pinterest
  • 3 Children’s Books that Teach About Bravery
  • 3 Tools for Supporting Your Kids Through a Loss
  • 3 Games to Play on Road Trips
  • How to Stay Patient with Toddlers
  • 3 Meals You Can Get on the Table in 20 Minutes or Less
  • How to Support a Spouse in a Stressful Job
  • Daily Rituals to Strengthen Your Family Culture
  • Plan-Ahead Hacks that Help Packing for a Trip Go Smoother
  • Why You Should Have a Daily Skincare Routine
  • 3 Microadventures to Take with Young Kids
  • 3 Tools for Managing Expectations
  • 3 Books that Will Help You Connect with Your Preteen
  • Why it’s Never Too Late to Limit Screen Time
  • Helping Sports-Loving Kids Have Balance
  • Ideas to Make Hosting be Less Stressful and Something You Look Forward To
  • 3 Poems for the New Mom
  • How to Support Single Parents
  • 3 Podcasts for Book Lovers
  • Making Movie Nights an Experience the Whole Family Can Bond Over

Use those ideas as a jumping off point and personalize according to YOUR wisdom and experiences.  Takeaways can be fun and light-hearted or serious and weighty.

I truly cannot wait to hear your Takeaways!