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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms podcast is turning two years old on Saturday, October 12, and we are going to celebrate!

You are invited to a special "Declutter your Motherhood" workshop and birthday party where not only will you receive life-changing instruction from Rachel, but you will also meet many of the former guests of 3 in 30. (All 100 former guests have been invited!)

The day will include Rachel’s full workshop PLUS all the birthday extras: cake, presents, and partying with like-minded mamas who love 3 in 30.

Come celebrate with us!

This is the last time "Declutter Your Motherhood" will be taught “live” in 2019 (and possibly ever—this may become a purely online workshop), so don’t miss it!


What is the workshop about?

April 2019 Utah Conference 67

The concept for Declutter Your Motherhood came from Rachel’s experience working with a professional organizer to deeply declutter her home.

As she methodically worked through every cupboard, closet, and drawer, she came across many physical items that sparked mom-guilt and “shoulds” for her:

  • A book she’d bought years ago about teaching your kids how to read triggered her to think, “I really should be doing that!”
  • A cupboard full of cookbooks caused a twinge of guilt: “Why don’t I make better dinners for my family?”
  • A 'summer bucket list' poster made her feel a little depressed: "I am a lame mom. I didn't do any of this fun stuff with my kids this summer."

As Rachel got honest with herself about which physical items to keep (because they fit her unique personality and gifts) and which to let go of (because they didn't bring her joy), she realized that she needed to do the same with her expectations for herself: It was time to declutter the worn-out “shoulds” that didn’t fit her!

In this full-day workshop, Rachel will walk you through a step-by-step process for clarifying your expectations for yourself as a mother, so that you have more energy and room for JOY.

Who is the workshop for?

April 2019 Utah Conference 20

This workshop is for moms who often feel overwhelmed, lost, or discouraged that they don't love motherhood as much as they thought they would.

It's for moms who have big dreams (or used to) but don't know how to pursue them now that they have children.

It's for moms who yearn to feel more JOY in their motherhood.

Who is the host?

Rachel Nielson is the host of the 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms podcast. She is a former high school English teacher who loves to break down big concepts into actionable takeaways.

In the Declutter your Motherhood workshops, Rachel teaches women how to...

  • examine your "shoulds" and where they come from
  • own your resentments AND your desires
  • brainstorm creative ways to live your dreams, big and small
  • purge your limiting beliefs of what a "good mother" does and does not do
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Where & when is the workshop?

Eleve Event Center

Eleve Event Center 

439 S Pleasant Grove Blvd

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Offering two different session, to accommodate busy mom schedules.

**Choose ONE!**



9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.



4:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Our Promise to You

You will leave the workshop with a personalized, concrete action plan for how to pursue…

- a life built on your strengths

- a schedule that energizes you and honors your needs

- a deeply fulfilling relationship with your children that is built on your unique values

Past Workshop Attendees have said

Linn (1)

Linn, mother of 6

Whether you have been a mother for 22 months or 22 years, you need to make room in your life to attend this workshop.

You will feel understood, you will feel energized, you will feel hope that you can take care of yourself and your children in a more meaningful and inspiring way. You will feel in charge of your motherhood story."

profile pic headshot barb smaller

Barb, mother of 3

"I've been to a lot of seminars and read so many books that would be considered self help or personal development, and nothing blew my mind and resonated with me as much as this workshop!"

Please join us!

April 2019 Utah Conference 40

Early Bird Ticket : $119

(on sale from 9/2 through 9/16)


Regular Ticket : $149

(on sale from 9/17 through 10/5)


There is limited seating, and this event sold out quickly in the past.

Don't wait to get your ticket! I want you there!!


**Two scholarships are available for mothers with financial need. Click here for the application! Applications due by 9/25/19.


None of my friends can come with me! Would it be weird to attend alone?

Absolutely not! Please come. If you can’t convince any of your friends to join you, don’t worry--it is such a warm, inviting, supportive environment! You will make friends quickly!

Is it okay if I bring my baby? 

We don't worry about the moms around you, so much as we really value the experience and time you have for yourself at the workshop, and we would want it to be worth it!

A few things to think about:
-We know it's difficult to leave a nursing baby! Would it be possible to leave him/her with a caregiver and have them bring him/her to you during a break or when it's time to nurse? You can step out at any time, and we will let you know beforehand a quiet place you can nurse or pump!
-YOU know your baby best. If he/she is a great on-the-go sleeper, or not very wiggly and you feel it's best that he/she stays with you, bring your baby along!
-This is definitely a WORKshop. You will be writing, pondering, discussing, and we want you to be able to get the most out of this time meant for your personal growth.