Rachel's Favorite Books for Teaching Your Kids

As a former high school English teacher, I believe in the power of books to spark really great and important conversations with our kids on the topics that matter most!

I have read dozens of children's books on each topic below and have chosen my favorite three. I will constantly update this page when I research new topics or discover new gems.

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This is my #1 pick! It explains melanin, which is why people have different skin tones. Lots of photos of real families of all different colors!

Appropriate for all ages, but 3+ would really start to understand!

Adorable book a little girl goes for a walk around the city with her mom and they see people of al colors. They compare the skin tones to delicious foods. Great illustrations. Good for all ages!

This is religious book that discusses how God made our beautiful world colorful on purpose--and He made His children colorful too! Good for all ages!

Personal Boundaries, Privacy, & Consent

I think this could be the very first sexual health book you read to your children, as soon as they can sit in your lap and look at pictures. Soft illustrations, simple explanations--a very gentle intro to this important topic!

Ages 1+!

I love that the little girl in this book has a strong voice and uses it to say "No!" when she doesn't want people hugging or tickling her. This book also teaches my kids to respect others' boundaries when they say no.

Ages 3+

This book is longer and more detailed. It goes through lots of different scenarios of when someone might manipulate you to show/touch your private parts. I like the emphasis on "red flag" people and situations vs. "green flag" people and situations.

Ages 6+

Bodies & Sex

To see the inside of these books (so you know if they are right for your family), watch this video of Rachel giving a tour of each book! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBwujjBh6gE&t=365s

This book is basic but very matter-of-fact about body parts, including the external and internal sex organs. Everything is labeled and briefly explained.

Ages 3+


This book describes the journey of a sperm swimming towards an egg. It does touch on the basics of intercourse and shows anatomy, so make sure you’re ready for that. It is very clever, and my kids love it.

Ages 5+.

I love that this book covers EVERYTHING, from detailed anatomy, to sperm and egg, to sex, to pregnancy, to families, to boundaries and consent. It’s long, so take it in sections with your kids based on what they are ready for.

If you don’t agree with something in the book, just use it as a talking point to discuss with your kids what you believe!

Ages 5/6+.