093: How to Change Someone’s Life Without Knowing It

093: How to Change Someone's Life Without Knowing It by popular motherhood podcast 3 in 30: image of woman shaking a young man's hand.

When you think about the small but impactful acts of kindness others have shown you, do you also reflect on the kindness *you* have shown others? It might be humbling to admit, but ways YOU have reached out have made a big difference to others as well. I claim that with confidence because today on the podcast, I’m talking about how to change someone’s life and sharing a story of a simple handshake and how it changed the life of someone I know.

This episode is an excerpt from a guest interview that I did on the podcast Becoming for Teens with co-hosts Erica Peterson and Tawni Beardall (our guests from last week’s episode, Overcoming Your Inner Teen).

This special story from my life seemed like a great followup to Teen Month, but this episode isn’t just for parents! Will you do me a favor and listen to this with your teen? (Or preteen!)

From my experience befriending Brian and shaking his hand, I learned:

  1. Look around and notice. When you’re in a group of people, stop for a second. Then scan the room and ask yourself: Is there somebody here who could use a little friendship right now?
  2. Initiate that first gesture, even if it’s scary or forced.
  3. A really small act of kindness is enough.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @becoming_for_teens

Website: Becoming For Teens

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How has someone changed your life? Share in a comment below!

About the Podcast Host, Rachel Nielson

Rachel taught high school English for five years before deciding to be a stay-at-home mom to her two miracle babies, Noah Atticus, who was adopted, and Sally Grace, who was conceived through IVF.

In her life, Rachel has experienced great sorrow but also great joy--and she loves diving deep into the topics that matter most. Thank you for listening to the podcast and giving her a chance to share her heart.


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  2. Lori Livingston on 08/16/2019 at 12:31 PM

    Omg I’m loving all the teen podcasts!
    I am crying too much!!
    Please keep up the amazing work Rachel- I share your podcasts constantly- to the point my family and friends probably hate me now.
    I’m a better mom and pediatrician thanks to you!

    • Rachel Nielson on 08/25/2019 at 8:19 PM

      Oh this means so much, thank you!!!! I hope your friends and family don’t hate you due to your love of 3 in 30. 😉 Thank you thank you for your support!

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