018: Speak Your Husband’s Love Language // Celeste Davis of Marriage Laboratory

How to speak your husband's love language, a podcast episode featured Celeste Davis Marriage Laboratory, featured on top US mom podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms.

“I got this crazy idea in my head 3.5 years ago to start a marriage blog, but I had so many doubts, like ‘Why would I do that? I’m not that great of a wife…’ But the idea just coming back and back… And eventually I kind of thought, ‘I can just try things and tell people how it went. I can experiment. I can conduct marriage experiments.”

This is the premise behind “Marriage Laboratory,” a marriage blog run by Celeste Davis and her husband Rich (who happens to be a real-life scientist studying immunology). This past year, she conducted experiments on the five love languages by simply focusing on one per month.

Today on the podcast, Celeste will share some of her experiments and outcomes in the following areas:


1) Words of Affirmation: Send your husband a loving note, text, or email every day for a month

2) Quality Time: Dedicate ten minutes every single night to just sitting and talking with your spouse, with no phones anywhere in sight!

3) Physical Touch: Have sex every other day for a month (don’t worry–she doesn’t get too steamy on this one, but her story is pretty fascinating)


Don’t miss this conversation with a wife and mother who is dedicating her life to loving her family better, in simple but profound ways.


Show Notes

-Celeste’s marriage blog, Marriage Laboratory: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman:

1) Words of Affirmation

-“42 Love Letter Prompts”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/42-love-letter-prompts/

-“40 Loving Texts to Send RIGHT NOW to Make Your Partner’s Day”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/40-loving-texts/

2) Quality Time

-“10-Minute Daily Connect Challenge”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/10-minute-daily-connect-busy-couples/

-“The Ultimate Guide to Speaking the Love Language of Quality Time”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/quality-time-love-language-guide/

-Article Rachel read about “bids for attention”: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/06/happily-ever-after/372573/

3) Physical Touch

-“6 Resources for Spicing Up Your Marriage in the Bedroom”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/spice-up-your-marriage/

-“What Would Happen If You Had Sex Every Other Day for a Month?”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/sex-every-other-day/

4) Gifts

-“46 Just Because Gift Ideas to Make Your Spouse’s Day”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/just-because-gift-ideas/

-“DIY Anniversary Gifts (that we’ve actually made)”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/diy-anniversary-gifts/

5) Acts of Service

-“The Best Way to Get Your Marriage Out of a Rut”: http://www.marriagelaboratory.com/blog/marriage-out-of-a-rut/




About the Podcast Host, Rachel Nielson

Rachel taught high school English for five years before deciding to be a stay-at-home mom to her two miracle babies, Noah Atticus, who was adopted, and Sally Grace, who was conceived through IVF.

In her life, Rachel has experienced great sorrow but also great joy--and she loves diving deep into the topics that matter most. Thank you for listening to the podcast and giving her a chance to share her heart.


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