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150: What are YOUR Three Takeaways? // #my3in30

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It is the birthday month of 3 in 30, and we are going to party! October 12th will mark 3 years since I launched 3 in 30 into this world. I am so amazed by how the podcast has grown and changed, and how it has changed me as a result. Every year for the…

139: 3 Steps to Finding a Happy Balance with Social Media

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Do you worry about your social media usage and how it might be affecting your kids? If so, you’re not alone. Most mothers I know struggle to find a balance between being present in their everyday lives and engaging with media that they value online. I struggle with this balance every day, particularly since I…

130: The ABCs of Creating Good Habits…for yourself and your kids! // BJ Fogg

Good Habits to Have by popular US mom podcast, 3 in 30: image of BJ Fogg.

Creating and changing our habits often feels anything BUT “easy as A-B-C.” If you’re like me, you have spent years thinking about habits you’d like to change or create, and yet everything you try doesn’t seem to stick. Nothing is quite as discouraging and undermining of your self confidence than struggling with the same poor…