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150: What are YOUR Three Takeaways? // #my3in30

3 in 30 Podcast, Top Motherhood Podcast, Podcast Anniversary, Community Input, What are YOUR three takeaways, click to listen

It is the birthday month of 3 in 30, and we are going to party! October 12th will mark 3 years since I launched 3 in 30 into this world. I am so amazed by how the podcast has grown and changed, and how it has changed me as a result. Every year for the…

102: How to Find Work Life “Balance” // Crystalee Beck of The Mama Ladder

How to Find Work Life "Balance" with Crystalee Beck of The Mama Ladder, on top US mom podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

As moms, we often wrestle with the desire to find a better balance for work and motherhood. We want to honor our professional lives and personal development, while also giving our children the love and care they deserve. But what if it isn’t really about “balance” after all? Crystalee Beck, co-founder of The Mama Ladder, is…