008: Controlling Kids’ Clutter // Tana Parke

It’s the witching hour–when you are trying to get dinner made–and your four-year-old son is whining that there’s nothing to do. You walk with him to the playroom, only to find that he has dumped out every bin of toys, yet can’t seem to find anything suitable to hold his attention.

Unable to face the mess of Legos, cars, Magformers, and stuffed animals that are now strewn everywhere, you simply close the door to the playroom and pretend it doesn’t exist. You turn on the TV to keep your little man occupied, and you wonder, What new toy should we get him for Christmas that he will actually play with?

If this scene sounds familiar, this episode is for you. I invited Tana Parke, a mother of five children and a semi-professional organizer, to share three strategies for keeping our kids’ clutter at bay. Our discussion includes exciting topics, like:

  • Why you should hide some toys from your children for a while
  • Who might be happy to receive some of the little trinkets that your kids have collected (it’s not who you think!)
  • How to teach your kids to think critically about whether or not they actually want a new toy or trinket
  • Why The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up doesn’t work for children (and how you can modify it!)
  • How to allow your children to have some “treasures” while also keeping them from being hoarders

…and much more!

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6 thoughts on “008: Controlling Kids’ Clutter // Tana Parke”

  1. Pamela Burbie Page

    Just listened to the podcast for the first time. As a mother of 3 with grandchildren as well, your podcast was refreshing, enlightening, and an excellent source of knowledge on simplifying our lives in a busy fast paced world. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Please pass the podcast along to your children who are moms! We would love to reach as many moms as possible. We cover all sorts of topics, and yes some of them will apply to grandmas as well. 😉 Thank you so so much for being here!

  2. I would like to get her opinion on home decor. My issue is that my mom is constantly buying me home decor items that I don’t like or want but feel obligated to keep because they were a gift. For example, she just bought us a very cheap rug that looks like a soccer field. My kids love soccer but have no desire to play with it and it totally doesn’t vibe with the feel of our home. Do I just display the things she gives me regardless? Or do I tell her to stop giving me these things? Gifts are her love language and I would hate to offend her.

    1. This is SUCH a great question, and I think one that could be a great benefit to the entire community of listeners. I asked Tana her opinion, and she said she is going to do some research and come up with some advice. Do you mind if I post this on social media, as well, to get people’s input? Thank you for listening and for engaging with a question!

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  4. Keeley Johnson

    I just listened to this episode. I don’t listen to them in order. Anyway, I love the Grinch photo book idea!! I came here to see it and I can’t find it anywhere. Is it still available somewhere and I’m just missing it? Anyway, I love your podcast! Such a clever idea. I haven’t come across an episode that didn’t leave me feeling inspired. Thank you for the work you put into this!

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