36 Takeaways from 12 Mothers: A Compilation of #my3in30

To celebrate the 1st birthday of the podcast, I asked listeners to share their *own* three takeaways on social media (#my3in30) and with their friends and family. I have been overwhelmed by the response and the creativity and wisdom of this community of mothers! Your takeaways have been incredible!!

Today on the podcast, you will hear 12 mothers from our podcast community share their 3 takeaways…so that’s 36 takeaways in all! Get ready!

Don’t forget, you can get a copy of all 36 takeaways PLUS the takeaways from this entire month of episodes by signing up at 3in30podcast.com/takeaways.

Many thanks to our 3 in 30 birthday sponsor: Brightbox, the easy, affordable way to brighten someone’s day through happy mail! I love this company. Check them out!! https://brightboxes.shop

And thanks to the women who contributed to this episode!

Jody, ShaeLynn (@happyhealthyfrugalmom), Mary, Sarah (sarahbadatrichardson.com), Georgia (knowhowmom.com), Kalisha (@whyimother), Joy (regularcoolmom.com), Kristin (@heworksweplay), Lindsey (@momminutesaregold), Shawnee, Taffy (thejoyfulsoulproject.com), Chamaine (wanderingfamilies.com)

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