043: What to Do When You Realize You Can’t Control Your Children // Marilyn Faulkner

How far into your motherhood journey were you before you realized that you can’t control your children?

The hilarious, wise Marilyn Faulkner is back on the podcast today to teach us how to move from “control-parenting” to “influence-parenting.” She is a fan-favorite on the show–and for good reason. You’re not going to want to miss her gems of wisdom (and hysterical comments) in this episode!

Show Notes

Marilyn’s first episode, “How to Raise Confident Children”: https://3in30podcast.com/confidence/

The Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne: https://amzn.to/2B2AOop

Marilyn’s website: www.marilyngreenfaulkner.com

Marilyn’s books!

Marilyn’s daughters: