030: How to Coach your Children through their Big Emotions // Georgia Anderson of KnowHowMom.com

Our little kids come with big emotions—too big, it sometimes seems, for their little bodies. And sometimes (often?) those feelings just come bursting out in bizarre and irrational behaviors.

As parents, this can bring out the bizarre and irrational in us as well, despite our best intentions to stay calm and level-headed.

Today on the podcast, we have a parenting expert who is going to teach us how to coach our children through their emotions, so we can keep ahold of our own.

Georgia Anderson of knowhowmom.com is a wife, mother, stepmother, mother-in-law, and grandmother to 28 people she adores. She has taught parenting classes for three decades and is a Certified Active Parenting Instructor and a Gottman Trained Educator.

In this episode, she walks us through three of the steps to “emotion coach” our children through their big emotions:


1) Notice emotions when they are small.

2) Put words to emotions.

3) Set limits and problem solve.


There are so many gems and insights in this episode, as she walks me through a specific scenario when my six-year-old son got extremely angry. I think it will be helpful for you to hear me coached on how I can coach him. I have applied these steps in the weeks since this interview was recorded, and it has honestly changed my relationship with my son. Please listen!


Georgia’s website: knowhowmom.com

Georgia’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/knowhowmomtips/

Upcoming Emotion Coaching Workshop with Georgia: http://www.knowhowmom.com/class/emotion-coaching-for-parents-2/

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