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130: The ABCs of Creating Good Habits…for yourself and your kids! // BJ Fogg

By Rachel Nielson | May 18, 2020

Creating and changing our habits often feels anything BUT “easy as A-B-C.” If you’re like me, you have spent years thinking about habits you’d like to change or create, and yet everything you try doesn’t seem to stick.Nothing is quite as discouraging and undermining of your self confidence than struggling with the same poor habits…

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Rethinking Meditation as a Busy Mom, Dr. Leah Weiss and Rachel Nelson from Top Motherhood Podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms, click to listen!

129: Rethinking Meditation as a Busy Mom // Dr. Leah Weiss

By Rachel Nielson | May 10, 2020

Do you laugh aloud at the thought of having a few minutes to meditate during busy days with your children? What if I told you that you could be meditating THE ENTIRE DAY, even in the midst of chaotic, everyday moments with your little minions? Dr. Leah Weiss–an author, a mindfulness expert who studied with the Dali…

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Top Motherhood Podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms, How to get your kids to play outside and why it matters with Angela Hanscom, listen now!

128: How to Get Your Kids to Play Outside & Why It Matters // Angela Hanscom

By Rachel Nielson | May 4, 2020

Over three years ago, long before I’d started 3 in 30 and really headed down the path of diving into parent education resources, I attended a presentation put on by my son Noah’s kindergarten about the importance of outdoor play for kids.  Like most moms, I already believed outdoor play was a good idea for…

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127: Why You Shouldn’t Just Ignore Your Kids’ Fighting + What To Do Instead // Dr. Laura Markham

By Rachel Nielson | Apr 27, 2020

We’re back this week with Part 2 in a series on sibling rivalry with parenting expert, Dr. Laura Markham! Much of the common advice that we hear about sibling conflict, even from parenting gurus and experts, is advice like, “Just ignore it when they fight! It’s natural!” While that approach is certainly easier for me…

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Dr. Laura Markham, with Rachel Nielson, host of top Motherhood Podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms, discusses ways to Reduce Sibling Rivalry in your home, listen now.

126: 3 Fail-Proof Ways to Reduce Sibling Rivalry // Dr. Laura Markham

By Rachel Nielson | Apr 20, 2020

As parents, we sometimes feel like we have no control over the relationships our children form with each other, and that can feel so discouraging. I know I myself have said things like, “My children are both so strong-willed. Their personalities just clash, and there’s nothing I can do to help them get along!” But…

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3 Tips for the Accidental Homeschooling Mom | Listen to Top Motherhood Podcast, 3 in 30 Podcast, about simple Homeschool Tips to help you adjust to your new role as an accidental homeschooling parent.

125: 3 Tips for the Accidental Homeschooling Mom // Bonnie & Audrey from the Outnumbered Podcast

By Rachel Nielson | Apr 13, 2020

A lot of parents are now “accidentally” homeschooling their children. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are closed and it is now our responsibility to educate our children at home, even if that wasn’t the plan. That’s why I knew I needed to get some true experts on the show to help us all out…

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3 in 30 Podcast, How to Stop Judging Yourself, Get Help, Therapy is Good, Top Motherhood Podcast, Listen Now, Self Love and Compassion

124: How to Stop Judging Yourself

By Rachel Nielson | Apr 5, 2020

On top of everything hard that’s going on in the world right now with COVID-19, the last thing that we need is to listen to our own negative self-talk and harsh judgement all day long as we try to navigate this new normal.  With that in mind, I pulled an episode from the archives that…

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Family Quarantine | Listen to Top Motherhood Podcast, 3 in 30 Podcast, featuring the 3 in 30 team about how we are surviving the family quarantine due to Coronavirus weirdness

123: What We’re Doing to Survive this Coronavirus Weirdness // 3 in 30 Team

By Rachel Nielson | Mar 29, 2020

Today is National 3 in 30 Day! (Yes that’s made up…but seriously, it’s 3/30! We need to do something to celebrate!) In this week’s special episode, my 3 team members each share three takeaways for how they are surviving the weirdness of coronavirus and a family quarantine–how they are managing their kids and their mental health…

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122: 5 Things To Do When You Feel Like You Are Going To Spontaneously Combust // Alison Faulkner

By Rachel Nielson | Mar 23, 2020

It has been a crazy couple of weeks filled with anxiety and uncertainty all over the world with the spreading of COVID-19. In some ways, the entire world is grieving and processing this together–which is both super comforting and very strange. If you’re anything like me, you have felt a wide range of emotions in…

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How to Clarify Your Life’s Purpose | Listen to Top Motherhood Podcast, 3 in 30 Podcast, featuring Brooke Snow about how to find purpose and meaning in your life.

121: How to Clarify your Life’s Purpose // Brooke Snow

By Rachel Nielson | Mar 16, 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “HOW do I find my purpose?” Women tell me that they feel this tug inside to do something deeply meaningful– whether that’s to dive into a passion project or hobby, to start a business, or to get a job in a field that they would…

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