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How to Help your Kids Stay Sane this Holiday Season // Carrie Scott, LMFT

How to Help your Kids Stay Sane this Holiday Season // Carrie Scott, LMFT

By Rachel Nielson | Nov 19, 2018

If your kids are anything like my kids, they may start to lose their minds around this time of year. With an excessive of sugar, excitement, late nights, and holiday fun, my little cherubs can suddenly start acting like little demons, right when I want them to behave for family gatherings and traditions.What’s a mama…

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3 Takeaways for Teaching Teens to be Polite

056: How to Raise a Polite Teenager // Devon Wellington, Psychologist and Cotillion Director

By Rachel Nielson | Nov 12, 2018

Do you ever worry that your children, who are growing up in the era of the smartphone, aren’t going to know how to look someone in the eye, have a genuine conversation with them, and display respect and courtesy? I know that I worry about this a lot! But today’s guest, Devon Wellington–a mother, a developmental…

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36 Takeaways from 12 Mothers

36 Takeaways from 12 Mothers: A Compilation of #my3in30

By Rachel Nielson | Nov 5, 2018

To celebrate the 1st birthday of the podcast, I asked listeners to share their *own* three takeaways on social media (#my3in30) and with their friends and family. I have been overwhelmed by the response and the creativity and wisdom of this community of mothers! Your takeaways have been incredible!! Today on the podcast, you will hear…

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054: What If I’m Jealous? // Monica Packer of About Progress

By Rachel Nielson | Oct 29, 2018

Have you ever been a little bit jealous, even of a good friend? I’m guessing the answer is YES because most of us face jealousy to varying degrees and in various forms throughout our lives. In this episode, I talk openly with my dear friend and podcasting colleague, Monica Packer of About Progress, about how…

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Musician Brooke White teaches three lessons on how to show up in the world with confidence (even if you are scared)

53: How to Show Up in the World with Confidence–Even When You Don’t Have Confidence // Brooke White

By Rachel Nielson | Oct 22, 2018

If you have a dream, big or small, that’s been tugging on your heart–or if you’ve allowed your fears to get in the way of you showing up fully in the world–this episode is for YOU. Brooke White is a musician and a mother of two. She has recorded eight albums with a ninth coming…

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052: Three Ways I’ve Changed Because of 3 in 30 (and I Hope You’ve Changed Too!)

By Rachel Nielson | Oct 15, 2018

Hooray!!! It’s the 1st Birthday of 3 in 30!! After a truly fantastic first year, I am feeling so reflective and grateful. THANK YOU for listening week after week, sharing the episodes with your friends, and adding to the discussion on Instagram and through emails! I have truly loved learning from you. In this episode, I share…

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Podcast about 3 simple ways to get involved in the political process

051: How (and Why) to Get Involved in the Political Process as a Mom // Lacey Parr

By Rachel Nielson | Oct 8, 2018

This episode couldn’t come at a better time. Lacey Parr, mother of three and devoted community-builder, reminds us that politics doesn’t have to be contentious–it can be about advocating with love for the issues that are the most important to us. In this interview, Lacey teaches mothers… *how to get involved in local government and policy…

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Podcast of 3 listening skills that build connection with your children

050: How to Actually Listen to your Children // Kim Jacobs

By Rachel Nielson | Oct 1, 2018

Are you guilty of the distracted “Uh huh” when your children are telling you a story? When they pause for your reaction, do you realize that you have no idea what they just said? If so, you’re not alone. And this week’s guest, Kim Jacobs, is here to help! She has a Master’s degree is…

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Podcast with 3 takeaways to involve your children as you pursue your passion

049: How to Involve Your Children as you Build a Business // Tonya Dalton of ‘inkWELL Press’

By Rachel Nielson | Sep 24, 2018

Some of you may see this episode title and think, “YES! I need this!” Others may think, “Not for me–I don’t have any intention of starting a business.” But believe it or not, this episode is for ALL mamas. Because I think all of us want to involve our children in the passions that are important to…

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How to Find Time for Personal Development As a Mom __ Mary Jenkins

048: How to Find Time for Personal Development As a Mom–The 3 Ps // Mary Jenkins

By Rachel Nielson | Sep 17, 2018

In the busiest seasons of motherhood, it can feel like we have NO time for our own goals and personal development. This week’s guest, Mary Jenkins, has some advice for how we can fit it in! Mary is a mother of two, a social media marketer, and a graduate student. She is passionate about self development and making…

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