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A therapist explains three concrete strategies we can use to help our teenagers know that they can trust us and talk to us

038: How to Get your Teenagers to Talk to You (and it Starts When They are Young) // Tony Overbay, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

By Rachel Nielson | Jul 9, 2018

He’s baaccck! Our favorite male guest is back on the podcast today teaching us how to talk to our children in a way that fosters trust and communication–so they know they can talk to us into their teenage years and beyond.Tony Overbay is a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist and a father of four young adults,…

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037: Teaching Children to Work Without Being a Drill Sergeant // Danielle Porter

By Rachel Nielson | Jul 2, 2018

Danielle Porter and I have been friends for about six years, ever since I started working with the organization, Power of Moms. During that time, I have seen her go from a mother of three young children to a mother of six young children (her oldest is about eleven), and I have admired how fully she…

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036: Momming Like a Boss: Using Corporate Leadership Strategies in Our Homes // Whitney Archibald of ‘How She Moms’

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 25, 2018

When Whitney Archibald started working as a magazine editor after college, she naturally excelled in this leadership role. She effectively managed her team, created clear objectives for their work, and maintained focus and excellence in her responsibilities. When she was pregnant with her third baby, she decided to start staying home full-time with her children–and one…

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How to endure life with hope, thoughts shared by Ralphie Jacobs of Simply on Purpose, featured by top US motherhood podcast, 3 in 30 Podcast.

035: Modeling for our Children How to Endure with Hope // Ralphie Jacobs of Simply on Purpose and her father, Bob Peters

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 18, 2018

How do we stay positive when we face incomprehensible trials? How do we endure well and allow our struggles to soften and strengthen us? And perhaps most importantly, how do we model this kind of resilience for our children? Today on the podcast, Ralphie Jacobs, the respected parenting expert from Simply on Purpose, talks about her heroic…

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3 Tools I Learned in Counseling to Manage Negative Self-Talk and Unhealthy Behaviorsd

How to Stop Being Mean to Yourself (Encore!)

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 11, 2018

The past few weeks at our house have been so busy that I’ve slipped into some negative self-talk and coping behaviors. Whenever this happens, I feel so frustrated with myself, thinking, “Rachel, you know better than this! You’ve learned great strategies in counseling over the past six years to help you stay in the positive!” That’s…

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034: How to Meditate in the Midst of Mayhem // Dr. Leah Weiss

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 4, 2018

Do you laugh aloud at the thought of having a few minutes to meditate during busy days with your children? What if I told you that you could be meditating THE ENTIRE DAY, even in the midst of chaotic, everyday moments with your little minions? Dr. Leah Weiss–an author, a mindfulness expert who studied with the…

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033: How to Get Your Kids to Do Quiet Time

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 1, 2018

Thank you so very much for leaving Reviews on my podcast this week for my birthday! I absolutely loved reading your words. This extra episode is my way of saying, “THANK YOU–I LOVE YOU!” Instituting a daily Quiet Time is one of the BEST things I’ve done for my kids (and for me!). But I know it’s not…

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3 Tips for the Best Summer Ever Jamie Cook of Wander and Scout

032: Three Tips to Make This Summer the Best Ever // Jamie Cook of Wander and Scout

By Rachel Nielson | May 28, 2018

Ready or not, here it comes. Yes, summer is here, my friends. Are you a mom who is giddy with excitement at the prospect of long summer days with your children? Or, like me, are you shivering in fear a little bit, thinking about all of that unstructured time that often leads to a lot of fighting,…

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3 Easy Ways to Teach Children the True Meaning of Patriotic Holidays :: The American Moms

031: Three Easy Ways to Teach Children the True Meaning of Patriotic Holidays // Brittany Richman and Andrea Reeve, The American Moms

By Rachel Nielson | May 21, 2018

Let’s play two truths and a lie about this week’s podcast guests: They are twin sisters. One of them worked on Capitol Hill as the press secretary for two US Senators. One of them worked in the White House in the office of presidential speech writing. You guessed it…there’s no lie. All three of those impressive…

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3 Steps for coaching your children through their big emotions

030: How to Coach your Children through their Big Emotions // Georgia Anderson of

By Rachel Nielson | May 14, 2018

Our little kids come with big emotions—too big, it sometimes seems, for their little bodies. And sometimes (often?) those feelings just come bursting out in bizarre and irrational behaviors. As parents, this can bring out the bizarre and irrational in us as well, despite our best intentions to stay calm and level-headed. Today on the…

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