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Podcast about 3 simple ways to get involved in the political process

051: How (and Why) to Get Involved in the Political Process as a Mom // Lacey Parr

By Rachel Nielson | Oct 8, 2018

This episode couldn’t come at a better time. Lacey Parr, mother of three and devoted community-builder, reminds us that politics doesn’t have to be contentious–it can be about advocating with love for the issues that are the most important to us.In this interview, Lacey teaches mothers…*how to get involved in local government and policy in small…

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Podcast of 3 listening skills that build connection with your children

050: How to Actually Listen to your Children // Kim Jacobs

By Rachel Nielson | Oct 1, 2018

Are you guilty of the distracted “Uh huh” when your children are telling you a story? When they pause for your reaction, do you realize that you have no idea what they just said? If so, you’re not alone. And this week’s guest, Kim Jacobs, is here to help! She has a Master’s degree is…

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Podcast with 3 takeaways to involve your children as you pursue your passion

049: How to Involve Your Children as you Build a Business // Tonya Dalton of ‘inkWELL Press’

By Rachel Nielson | Sep 24, 2018

Some of you may see this episode title and think, “YES! I need this!” Others may think, “Not for me–I don’t have any intention of starting a business.” But believe it or not, this episode is for ALL mamas. Because I think all of us want to involve our children in the passions that are important to…

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How to Find Time for Personal Development As a Mom __ Mary Jenkins

048: How to Find Time for Personal Development As a Mom–The 3 Ps // Mary Jenkins

By Rachel Nielson | Sep 17, 2018

In the busiest seasons of motherhood, it can feel like we have NO time for our own goals and personal development. This week’s guest, Mary Jenkins, has some advice for how we can fit it in! Mary is a mother of two, a social media marketer, and a graduate student. She is passionate about self development and making…

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047: How to Respectfully Advocate for your Children (and Model for them How to do the Same) // Emily Orchard, SLP

By Rachel Nielson | Sep 10, 2018

“At some point, all of our children need us to be their voice… How do we find the balance between helping our children be successful and letting them do hard things? How do we speak to teachers, coaches, leaders and peers in a way that opens hearts and opportunities? How do we navigate a situation when we…

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3 Life-Changing Mantras to Remember during the Marathon of Motherhood

046: Three Life-Changing Mantras to Remember During the Marathon of Motherhood // Taffy Micheli

By Rachel Nielson | Sep 3, 2018

Whether or not you are a runner, you are going to love this episode about lessons that Taffy Micheli has learned about motherhood while training for marathons. Listen in to hear her share three truly life-changing mantras that she has relied on to get her through long runs and difficult experiences. I’ve heard from many…

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How to Use Humor as a Coping Tool in Motherhood Family Looking Up

045: Using Humor as a Coping Tool in Motherhood // Family Looking Up

By Rachel Nielson | Aug 27, 2018

Family life is a bit insane. As mothers, we say and do things we never thought we would say or do. We can cry at the end of a harrowing day…or we can laugh. And the guests on today’s episode choose to laugh! Beth, Andrea, and Camille from the podcast “Family Looking Up” are on the show…

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3 Strategies to Find Joy after a Move Jessica Dahlquist

044: Three Strategies to Find Joy after a Move // Jessica Dahlquist of ‘Extraordinary Moms Podcast’

By Rachel Nielson | Aug 21, 2018

Whether you’ve made a move this summer or you’ve lived in the same area for 10 years, this episode has takeaways for you! Jessica Dahlquist, the host of The Extraordinary Moms Podcast, shares how to feel more “at home” where you live and how to reach out to others to make meaningful friendships. Jessica is a…

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043: What to Do When You Realize You Can’t Control Your Children // Marilyn Faulkner

By Rachel Nielson | Aug 13, 2018

How far into your motherhood journey were you before you realized that you can’t control your children? The hilarious, wise Marilyn Faulkner is back on the podcast today to teach us how to move from “control-parenting” to “influence-parenting.” She is a fan-favorite on the show–and for good reason. You’re not going to want to miss her gems…

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How to Love Someone When It's Complicated or Hard Lessons from Open Adoption

042: How to Love Someone When It’s Complicated or Hard: Lessons from Open Adoption

By Rachel Nielson | Aug 10, 2018

This is the first time I’ve ever cried while recording a podcast episode. It’s also the first time I’ve ever recorded while whispering in a bathroom during a family reunion. So basically, prepare yourself–this is going to be vulnerable and possibly bizarre for 3 in 30! Ultimately, I hope it’s helpful as you navigate your own relationships and consider…

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