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How to speak your husband's love language, a podcast episode featured Celeste Davis Marriage Laboratory, featured on top US mom podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms.

018: Speak Your Husband’s Love Language // Celeste Davis of Marriage Laboratory

By Rachel Nielson | Feb 19, 2018

“I got this crazy idea in my head 3.5 years ago to start a marriage blog, but I had so many doubts, like ‘Why would I do that? I’m not that great of a wife…’ But the idea just coming back and back… And eventually I kind of thought, ‘I can just try things and tell…

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3 keys to a happier marriage with Jody Moor of Bold New Mom, featured on Top US motherhood podcast, 3 in 30 Podcast for Moms.

017: Three Keys to a Happier Marriage // Jody Moore of Bold New Mom

By Rachel Nielson | Feb 12, 2018

“Love is always going to serve you best. You are your best, most creative, most confident, most genius self when you’re operating in love.” Jody Moore is a life coach and podcaster whose business has exploded in the past couple of years due to the wise principles that she teaches about how we can adjust…

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3 strategies to accept and love your unique strengths (and weaknesses) as a mother

016: How to Be the Mom You Are–Instead of the Mom You Think You Should Be // Julie Bastedo

By Rachel Nielson | Feb 5, 2018

“Fill your life with things that make you feel whole, instead of holey.” In this week’s episode, Julie Bastedo (who has taught high school English for 18 years and has two children of her own) walks mothers through some strategies to help us embrace who we truly are, instead of always pining after whom we…

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Podcast explaining three awesome Valentines Day traditions for the entire family // 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms Podcast

015: Three Valentines Traditions for the Whole Family // Sarah McKenna of Bombshell Bling

By Rachel Nielson | Jan 29, 2018

The first Valentines Day that my husband and I were dating, he showed up on my doorstep with flowers and a clue that started me on a scavenger hunt to romantic places all around our college town. Seven years later, on our first Valentines Day as parents, he showed up on our doorstep with…a toilet…

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3 Step Process for Getting Out of Overwhelm

014: Getting Out of Overwhelm // April Perry of Power of Moms

By Rachel Nielson | Jan 22, 2018

If you often go to bed feeling like you will never get caught up on all of your responsibilities, wondering how you could’ve worked so hard all day and still have a massive to-do list, this episode is for you. April Perry, the co-founder of the websites Power of Moms and Learn Do Become, shares…

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A podcast with specific ideas of what to say and do for those who are grieving

013: How to Support those who are Grieving // Rachel Gainer of Rachel Rebuilt

By Rachel Nielson | Jan 15, 2018

Many of us know friends and family members who have lost precious loved ones. During those heartbreaking times, it’s so hard to know what to say and do to show our love and support. On today’s podcast, we hear from a mother who has been there and has so much wisdom to share. Several years ago, Rachel…

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Three strategies to stop negative self-talk

012: How to Stop Being Mean to Yourself: 3 of the Best Tools I Learned in Counseling

By Rachel Nielson | Jan 9, 2018

Five years ago, I realized that I needed to go to counseling. I had been coping with stress and heartache through both undereating and overeating for almost ten years, and my negative thoughts about myself had become debilitating and all-consuming. I sought treatment from an outpatient eating disorder clinic, and I fully expected my counselor to…

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3 Takeaways for setting goals that focus on progress not perfection

011: Setting Goals without Sacrificing Sanity // Monica Packer of About Progress

By Rachel Nielson | Jan 1, 2018

“Perfectionism, we wrongly assign only to overachievers. I think most perfectionists are actually underachievers.” When I first heard Monica Packer of the podcast About Progress explain this phenomenon–that a perfectionist can actually become an underachiever–I was stunned. I recognized that she was describing me. I had gone from a hardcore overachiever (who had developed eating disorders as…

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010: Simple Holiday Traditions to Connect Generations

By Rachel Nielson | Dec 18, 2017

“How are you today, Grampy?”

“Oh the same: old and ugly, but contented.”

This is the opening line of this week’s interview with my 88-year-old grandpa. You are going to love his personality and spunk, as he shares memories from his childhood Christmases. My Granny also hops on to talk about what she remembers. My heart just melts at the sound of their voices, and I am so grateful for all of the Christmas Eves that I spent in their home when I was a child. (And we are headed there next week! I can’t wait!)

Listen as I reflect on how to create cherished traditions that your children and maybe even grandchildren will remember, by creating “anchors” every year:

-A special food
-A meaningful gift
-A memorable activity

Stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear about my Christmas gift to you! I think it will be useful to anyone who is a consistent listener to the 3 in 30 podcast.

Merry Christmas to all of you. I truly love and appreciate you!

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Protecting our Kids from a Holiday Soul Fever

009: Protecting our Kids from a Holiday “Soul Fever” // Carrie Thomas Scott, MA LCPC

By Rachel Nielson | Dec 11, 2017

Though you may never have defined it as “soul fever” before, all parents have witnessed this malady taking over their children from time to time…when kids have had too much excitement, too little sleep, too much sugar, and too little downtime–and their behavior shows it!

On today’s episode, Carrie Thomas Scott–a licensed professional counselor and a mother herself–uses the four pillars of Simplicity Parenting to teach us how to protect our kids from catching a “soul fever” this holiday season.

Listen in for concrete strategies on how to help your children stay balanced and soul-healthy during this exciting month by using these four pillars:

1. Environment

2. Schedule

3. Rhythms

4. Filtering Out the Adult World

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