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3 takeaways for how to invite your teenager into a better story, particularly if they are rebelling or struggling to know who they are

094: How to Help your Teen Live a Better Story

By Rachel Nielson | Aug 12, 2019

Do you have a teen who is struggling, floundering, or fighting with you constantly? If so, do you find yourself wondering how to help your teen see within themselves the hero of a truly great story?In today’s episode, Rachel explores how to help your teen transition into a better story. She shares three takeaways from one…

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093: How to Change Someone's Life Without Knowing It by popular motherhood podcast 3 in 30: image of woman shaking a young man's hand.

093: How to Change Someone’s Life Without Knowing It

By Rachel Nielson | Aug 5, 2019

When you think about the small but impactful acts of kindness others have shown you, do you also reflect on the kindness *you* have shown others? It might be humbling to admit, but ways YOU have reached out have made a big difference to others as well. I claim that with confidence because today on…

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092: Overcoming Your Inner Teen // Tawni Beardall and Erica Peterson

By Rachel Nielson | Jul 29, 2019

As a teen, did you ever find yourself giving up parts of who you were in order to fit in and feel accepted? Would you be able to admit, or even recognize, if you were still doing that as a mom? In this phase of our lives, we aren’t always put in peer pressure situations…

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091: How to Earn (And Keep) Your Teen’s Trust (Encore!) // Tony Overbay, LMFT

By Rachel Nielson | Jul 22, 2019

He’s baaccck! Our favorite male guest is back on the podcast today teaching us how to communicate with our children in a way that builds trust. Tony Overbay is a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist and a father of four young adults, so he has professional and personal experience with this topic. Whether you are currently parenting…

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090: How to Talk With Your Teens Instead of at Them // Brooke Romney

By Rachel Nielson | Jul 15, 2019

Let’s imagine that you have a friend who, every time you get together, tells you all the things that she doesn’t like about you and that she hopes you will change. Would you want to spend time with that friend or open up to her? Unfortunately, this is the basis of a lot of our…

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089: When Should I Give My Teen a Cell Phone? // Andrea Davis of Better Screen Time

By Rachel Nielson | Jul 8, 2019

When I was a senior in high school, my parents got me my first cell phone so I could touch base with them if I was at after school activities or out with friends. This was not a big decision for them. My simple phone was harmless– it did not have the internet or even…

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088: The Unexpected Loneliness of Parenting Teens // Tiffany and Allyson from The Sisterhood Podcast

By Rachel Nielson | Jul 1, 2019

It’s TEEN MONTH at 3 in 30, and I’m so excited to kick it off with two of my motherhood mentors, Tiffany Sowby and Allyson Reynolds, who I met about seven years ago when I worked for the organization Power of Moms. The transition into motherhood and the different stages of it often comes with…

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087: My 3 in 30: How to Find JOY with Your Children this Summer // Molly Callister, Elisa Hunter, Julie Tobi

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 24, 2019

In this week’s episode, you will hear from three amazing mothers, all with unique life experiences, who are going to help us feel excited and encouraged to have fun with our children this summer: Molly Callister is a stay-at-home mom, travel enthusiast and writer of a family travel blog called Exploring Through Life. Molly and…

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086: 3 Easy Ways to Build Life-Long Bonds with Your Children

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 17, 2019

People are often amazed by just how close my sisters and I are to my dad. Our mom passed away when we were teenagers, so Dad planned our weddings, comes to help us after we have babies, and talks to us frequently about our lives. I truly believe that the small but meaningful ways my…

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085: 3 Steps to Help Kids Rewire Difficult Behaviors (Encore!) // Chrissy Austin

By Rachel Nielson | Jun 10, 2019

As a follow up to our wonderful series with Katherine Reynolds Lewis (click to listen to Part 1 and Part 2), I knew I wanted to re-air Episode 19 with Chrissy Austin, a speech language pathologist with 18 years of experience teaching children the skills they need to self-regulate. All of our kids get stuck in…

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