020: How to Be a Friend Instead of Just Being Friendly // Brooke Romney

As mothers, this can be a hard stage of life to find and maintain meaningful friendships.

Many of us feel busy and overwhelmed–barely managing the needs of our own families.

Opportunities to connect with other women might feel scarce, depending on the ages and needs of our children.

Sometimes it’s just easier to give a friendly wave or a quick hello in the hallway at church than to invest in a real friendship with someone.

In this week’s episode, Brooke Romney, a mother of four and a professional writer, shares totally doable ways that we can be good friends to other women, even if we are busy, shy, or maxed out on life.

Brooke discusses each of the following takeaways, offering concrete ideas within each:


1) Take advantage of small opportunities to build connection by simply being present wherever we are. 

2) Follow the advice that we give our children about being a good friend.

3) Don’t wait for life conditions to be perfect before extending friendship to others.


Don’t miss this conversation where we learn how to go beyond just being friendly, to start being real friends.


Show Notes

-Brooke’s website: http://brookeromney.com/

-Brooke’s article in the Deseret News: “It’s Time to Stop Being Friendly and Start Being a Friend

-Rachel’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3in30podcast/

-Brooke’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brookeromneywrites/



16 thoughts on “020: How to Be a Friend Instead of Just Being Friendly // Brooke Romney”

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  2. French is my first language and it’s been hard finding French speaking people in my local community (in Hawaii). However, I now have a group of 3 other French speaking girlfriends (all with families) and we meet once/month for what we call “The French Connection”. We’ve done French breakfasts at home, Fancy tea time at a hotel… This month, we’re going for a chocolate making class. One I “followed” as she was leaving the farmers’ market (I heard her speak French) and then I held the elevator door open for her and started chatting in French.
    The other, I met at the library bookstore and gave her my number. The other one I found on Craigslist. She was advertising for French tutoring and lived in my town so I e-mailed her and set up a meet-date. Then I introduced everyone to everyone and we’re now The French Connection 🙂 And our kids get along and it’s just great.
    My other friends come from my Homeschooling Co-op (I make sure to attend as many field trips as possible) and then I have another group of friends who are regulars like me at library story time and after a while, we just naturally connected.

    I still am close to my best friend from elementary school, my best friend from highschool and my best friend from college. I introduced them all to one another last year when I traveled to my home country.
    It requires being intentional to stay in touch. I whatsapp text/call, I e-mail Christmas cards every year, I contact them when I go back home.

    Nothing beats having a good friend… except maybe having many! 🙂

    1. Rachel Nielson

      This is so impressive! I love that you aren’t afraid to follow people into elevators and make it happen. Amazing! When I moved to a new town, a random girl left a comment on my blog saying that she had also just moved to that town, and did I want to get together? She is now one of my VERY best friends. You are right–nothing nears having a good friend, except maybe having many! 😉 I think you and I are kindred spirits!

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  5. Loved this podcast ! Found myself taking notes, taking an inventory of what I do and how I can improve! What a wonderful message.

    1. Rachel Nielson

      What a wonderful way to listen!! Thank you so much for taking the message so seriously!! The next episode is a continuation of this one as well. I hope you will check it out!

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