106: 3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage TODAY: My Takeaways From a Night with the Gottmans

I know this is not news to anyone, but…caring for our marriages is SO IMPORTANT (and not always easy)! Which is why I’m so excited to share three ways to improve your marriage today.

I had the opportunity to attend “An Evening with the Gottmans” date night in October, and I decided to do a followup Zoom call to discuss my takeaways with anyone from my email list who wanted to join. I included a worksheet for fill out during the call to make this as actionable as possible because, as I’ve mentioned before, we all know that marriage gets put on the back burner way too often.

This week’s episode on 3 in 30 is a replay of that Zoom call, so you can ALL participate!

>>Click HERE to download the worksheet if you want to fill it out as you listen or after you listen!<<<

Here are my three takeaways from a night with the Gottmans…

3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

  1. Play with your spouse. Consider: What are you currently doing to play with your spouse, and what can you start going?
  2. Listen to your spouse. Consider:When is your spouse most likely to talk to you, and how can you make yourself more emotionally available during that time? 
  3. Express gratitude for your spouse. Consider: What are 3 reasons you are grateful for your spouse right now? TELL THEM.

Show Notes:

Eight Dates by John and Julie Gottman (their newest book!)

Episode 95 with Nate Bagley: 3 Rituals of Connection for your Marriage

I want to hear how YOU put these takeaways into action this week! Follow along on Instagram and join the conversation.

Also…do you have any tips on ways to improve your marriage? If so, share in a comment below!


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